Red Shoe Posing Workshop

I have been a huge fan of Sarah Janes Photography for years, particularly her wedding photography which is very romantic, candid, caught in the moment style. So when i seen that she was offering Posing Workshops i jumped at the chance! Kamila and i both went along to her studio and we were among a small group of lady photographers who were attending. She is such a lovely person and straight away made us all feel at ease. We all sat and told a little bit about ourselves and she talked about her journey starting off being a second shooter for another wedding photographer for years, shooting on film before she moved to digital and went on her own.

She had arranged a model Samantha Ramsey,  for the day who was having her hair done and make up by Mandy Rigby.

First she explained where to position your subject in regards to the light source (window light) and which angles & positions are the most flattering. One thing she did was constantly talk to Sam, there’s was no long silences which is when your client can feel lost in front of the camera.

Video Highlights from the day

Below are some images i took when i had my turn behind the camera.

Directing someone into poses is definitely one of my weakest areas, but it is something i need when posing brides on their wedding day and i think this workshop really helped me understand what i need to do to make the client feel at ease in front of the camera through gentle directions….. i just need to practise now!