Gavin Hoey | Lighten Up @ NEC

Gavin Hoey – Live Stage

In 30 minutes he showed us so much, he is great to watch and has so much enthusiasm for what he does.
He had a model standing in front of a matte black Lastolite backdrop, to begin with he used One Pixapro strobe with a small octobox very close to her on a 45 degree angle.

This gave very nice results, of light across her face with shadows on the other side and there was no spill onto the backdrop. When i have used my studio strobes and placed them in this set up I always have an ugly spill of light on my black vinyl backdrop which I have to correct in photoshop afterwards do I was very interested to find out why this didn’t happen with him. He went through a process of using different props like flashlights….

…smoke / wind but his lighting pretty much stayed in the same distance from the model he just moved it around her and his camera settings stayed the same F8, 1/250, ISO 200.

His images SOC appeared on the screens either side of the stage and they were incredible, and they looked like magazine quality and they hadn’t been edited.

So after the show we went to speak to Gavin to pick his brains about our set up and he suggested it could be a mixture of different things – our backdrop might not be matte enough and that is why it’s giving off a glare, we might need to move our light closer to the subject because the inverted square rule might apply so the closer it is to the subject the darker our backdrop will appear & to try feathering our light more. We really appreciated him giving us his time and some pointers and we can’t wait to get in the studio this week to practise!