Brooke Shaden Workshop | Evaluation

Brooke’s calm relaxed and thorough approach to creating composites is very encouraging to anyone starting out.

You don’t need fancy equipment or props and she proved this during the workshop, amazing images created on a shoe string with only what’s available.

Her understanding of light and how she can visualise her editing process before she takes her photos is the most important part to creating a great image. I understand this completely, whenever i visualise something i can make it exactly how i imagined it because i can see the final product. And this allows me to work backwards and try and forsee any problems that might occur and plan how i’m going to deal with them.

I really love the painterly finish that Brooke gives her images by using desaturated colours and texture overlays, they add a fantasy, dreamlike edge to them and this is something that i would like to pay attention to when creating my fantasy composites. Brooke’s work has herself stamped all over it because she is consistent with the moody colour pallatte she uses, the square crop, and the texture overlays.