Design a logo, that’s easy….right?!

We were hoping to open at the beginning of July but the renovation work took longer than expected so we weren’t able to focus on our products, signs, stationary & advertising until that was complete.

The designing of everything actually took a lot longer than i thought….because it all had to match, and look right, and say the right things…..and figuring out our prices was so difficult because we wanted to draw people in this year to build up our client base but not be too cheap so that it doesn’t make our services look very good.

Also Kamila wants to specialise in womens photography and i want to specialise in newborn photography so trying to create designs that suited both was really difficult. In the end we decided on keeping it really simple, a classic font for our studio name – Kamisuze Photography Studio and that way it wouldn’t clash with either of our genres.


We went to see an accountant to discuss the best way to run the business because i am already set up as a sole trader and if we were to set up Kamisuze Photography Studio as a business then it would complicate things a lot and i would end up having to do 2 tax returns. So we decided to just keep it as just the name of the studio, it doesn’t have an income, Kamila carries on as Kamila Kosior Portraiture and i as Perfect Moments Photography we each get paid individually from our own clients and then put a set amount into a joint account to pay the rent & fees for the studio. For now this seemed like the most sensible way around it, i have spent 4 years building up recognition of my business so i don’t want to abandon it.