SEO … my nemisis!! Well up until recently anyway! I was so frustrated with the limitations of because i can’t use any SEO plugins like Yoast which is supposed to be really good …But i have been putting the hours in re-wording every page, tag, metadata so that NEWBORN, BABY, CHILD, FAMILY, WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER features everywhere and i am blogging and getting clients to leave reviews on my Facebook, Google page & FreeIndex. All which link to my website…and its working!!

So without paying for SEO i am now on page 1 of Google when you type in:

Newborn Photographer Wrexham / Baby Photographer Wrexham / Child Photographer Wrexham / Family Photographer Wrexham / Wedding Photographer Wrexham / Photographer Wrexhamnewborn photographer wrexham - Google Search.pdf



Website ~ Ongoing Improvement

My website is currently at the top of page 3 when you type in ‘Newborn Photographer Wrexham’.

And i need to be on page 1, there is people i know on page one and their website isn’t built around key words for newborn photography. But i am really struggling with the limitations of, i have my hosting through them and i pay for the premium account so it allows me to do more than the free account but i just don’t know how to optimise it anymore. I have spent lots of time talking to their support and there isn’t much else i can do. And i’ve spoke to different web designers and they haven’t been able to help much, they said it would need to be moved to another host but that’s not going to be easy to do. So i’ve just been trying to make do with it as it is, i can only use the themes that supply and out of them all there was nothing that quite suits the look I am going for so I have modified it to the best of my abilities so far. I have created a linen background to it because this ties in with the natural fibres I use in my sessions and the colours are what i tend to use as well –

I like earthy natural tones, my style isn’t loud and vibrant it is more muted / pastels / natural fibres / lace / wood / leather / warm / pretty / classical. I like the contrast of black and white against natural tones and I love anything old / retro / vintage.

It has a scrolling gallery on the front page which shows all my latest blogs so i have got this part working how i like because it keeps my home page current.


I have paid to become a member of BANPAS (Baby And Newborn Photography Association) And NAPCP (National Association Of Child Photographers), I am listed on their sites so if anyone searches for a photographer in my area then I will show on their website of registered photographers. They have ongoing training, workshops, legal information.

I have joined every online local advertising sites there is on the first 3 pages of google –

I have also verified my business with Google –

Social Media

All my social media sites are linked to my website blogs so they get shared throughout:





Suggestions that i have found on the internet:

How to boost your seo-

Use SEO Plugins, but i can’t do this because it would need to be .org its .com so i can’t install any seo plugins like Yoast

SEO for Idiots: The 10 Basics of Blogging Search Engine Optimization

I make sure I have keywords in the metadata attached to every photo I upload, in my posts I try to use as many key words as I can.

Getting reviews on any advertising pages that i am on will help – so i have been requesting reviews from people once i have finished each job

Blogging as much as possible

Keep regular new content on the page

Link to other websites / referrals etc

Join Blog circles

My New Website

I had built my website on and was pretty happy with it except the layout just didn’t work efficiently enough so i decided to start again….again. I love it now, there is the Home page which i would like to customise with my logo but apart from that i am pleased with how it looks – clean/simple and easy to navigate.

My favourite page is the blog: