My Brand

Finding my style:

I like earthy natural tones, my style isn’t loud and vibrant it is more muted / pastels / natural fibres / lace / wood / leather / warm / pretty / classical. I like the contrast of black and white against natural tones. I love anything old / retro / vintage props. I also make as much as I can – props: beds, nests, outfits etc and this makes my work even more individual. – show examples

My logo / My Brand – this has been difficult because i’ve always done such a mixture of photography but now that I am concentrating on mainly newborn/child photography & weddings i’m finding that things are starting to come together. I can’t use the same watermark on a DJ’s photo as I would on a newborn photo.

My Brand – Perfect Moments Photography, I have chosen a flowery wreath around it and changed all my website look to suit it, I want it to appeal to women / mothers because that is my target audience. But it also needs to include me somewhere in there so I have added my name in a simple script font next to the flowery wreath and then its a mix of all the qualities I like.

Below is my journey through logos over the past few years: