Thomas Hughes Lloyd Dance Showreel

Thomas Hughes Lloyd Dance Showreel

I was asked to come up with a showreel for Thomas, he was a finalist on Got To Dance 2013 and wanted a video to advertise his talent incorporating his past achievements.

He gave me some youtube links of other dancers Showreels so that i could get an idea of what he was after.

We discussed several locations and they quickly whittled down because of authorization and permissions that would be needed for filming in public places. So we chose the train station on a quiet day and the underground in Chester which i knew had good moody lighting which would work. And after that we just scouted for locations as we walked around Chester. There was a graffiti car park which would have been great but the owner couldn’t allow it so we just took a couple of pics there instead, we also tried in the amphitheatre but the loose stone on the floor was too difficult for Tom to dance on. We took some footage by the canal and by the Chester Walls.

Thomas brought his sister along who had the track that he was going to be dancing to and my studio partner Kamila joined me to film and she took some stills throughout for his portfolio.

We had 2 Nikon D750, several lenses, a glider on wheels, tripod, reflector, video light, & Glidecam. It was tiring work carrying everything round on our backs all day as we did lots of walking looking for places to film.

We were limited with time on this so if i was to do something like this again i would scout for the locations first and decide on the best time of day regarding light etc.

I edited the video in After Effects and i did struggle getting enough variety from the amount of footage we had. We could have done with some more, perhaps from different angles / close ups etc.

They loved the final video but the only thing he regrets is that he didn’t do some of his special moves so we are looking to re-film this year and add those in.