Creative Futures Inspiration

To start the week off we had Professor Alec Shepley, The Head of School, Media, Arts & Design hosting the first Key notes to give us a good introduction with what is to follow. He spoke about some of his past work – his sweeping projects, street work ‘ The Cabinet Of Ambivalence ‘ A democratic debate and some of his neon work / skip work. I didn’t find much of what he talked about relevant to my chosen path.

Then we had Fran O’Hara presenting the second Key Notes speech. She talked about the whole process of what got her where she is today, what her influences were and what brought her to developing her brand. She talked about the ‘ME’ Brand; a brand is a product – developing a pledge of satisfaction and quality. Is is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer and that everything is important from the first email you send a client – the colour – the layout – the images you use.

We had to write down 3 pivotal moments in our life thats changed our career and then sketched out a couple of mind maps – personal & professional. This was a good way of writing down the things that you don’t really think about and it slowly pieced together my values and what’s important. And after reducing down all the points to 6 essential ones I was able to define my business with what is important to me.

  • Photography
  • Designing and creating outfits & props to add my personal touch to the images I produce
  • Build a brand
  • Give people lasting memories & influence positively
  • To inspire my children to be creative, open minded and wise
  • And most of all…. to enjoy it all while i’m doing it

Denise Chilton – Marketing You!

She is a personal development coach and helps people to fins their dream whether they know their goal or not.

She discussed Personal Branding – peoples opinions of you are so important to your brand, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It is important to feel confident about yourself and that will help to sell your product, also that it isn’t necessarily the words you use when talking to someone but the tone of how you put it across and your body language are both crucial in demonstrating you as a person and your suitability for whatever role/job/pitch you are doing.

She said that networking is so important and that its not what we know its who we know. We should network anywhere, whether we are in the hairdressers or even in an elevator. And what can start from just a casual conversation could lead to something so much bigger, developing relationships with people and listening to them will pay off and be valuable to our business.

In a nutshell we need to keep our brand fresh and stay ahead of the times always evolving it, be compelling to our market, authentic, consistent and network at every chance!

Keynote speech by Dick Powell from Seymourpowell  – A leading Global design company.

They design anything from household items, to car features, to seats on an aeroplane, to packaging, to womens bras & sex toys.

Amazing, inspirational, powerful, insightful, leader –  He didn’t read from his laptop he knew exactly what he was talking about, he knew his company and their services inside out and you can see clearly why it is so successful.

This was the most inspiring session so far, Dick had everyone’s attention from the start to the end and I could of listened to more.


And a brand cannot survive without those elements.

They take products and through researching how people use them find out what would make its use easier and then develop on that. Stepping ahead of what people think they need and give them the future.

He says the key to this is having designers that have BANDWIDTH….thinkers that think in all different directions rather than ‘Antfuckers’ (His quote) who obsess over the little details rather than looking at the bigger picture.

I took a lot from his speech, he cranked up my drive and has made me think that to improve my business I need to do some research into what people want…then give them that…and a little extra!

Jim Weaver – Thinking Visually

Jim works for Home and is a director of marketing. The company offers services to companies such as research strategy, creative design, visual thinking etc and they develop a visual map/drawings which makes it easy for their clients/customers to follow and see what they are doing/intend to do and where they are heading.

It made sense that this is a better way of getting a message across because people understand visuals better than being told something.

Paul Herman – Photographer & Director of Redeye

Redeye is a non-profit organisation run by photographers to help photographers and they are a community based society

He gave us lots of information about what they offer, i could write lots on here about what he said but the majority of it was just like an advertisement for his business

The important things i took form it was – to be honest and true to my values, to network at any chance i can, stay productive, keep researching, push social media and get a good website….all things which i am currently working on so in theory i’m on the right track? 🙂

Greig Johnson -Independent Film Making and The Benefits Of Social Media

Greig is a Freelance Film Maker, Writer, Editor and more. He spent 7 years doing his PHD then one of his films got him into the Raindance Film Festival.

I’m not really sure what to say about this one…i was expecting an inspiring film maker? He was funny tho and he showed us his amateur projects that he has made and has on Youtube – Lunge Dolphin, his fictional character that he has created.

He said that whatever we make, get it in front of the right people – its audience. Be confident about our work and creep! lol.