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ENTRY DATE – Last Day Of The Month

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GOLD AWARD – December 2018

Paulina Duczman                                                      Nancy Flammea


There are 27 categories that cover all aspects of photography and it is judged by some of the most esteemed Fellow, Master and Grand Master photographers in the UK and across the world.

I can’t find anything on their website or online to say who judges the monthly competition, I have emailed them to ask and will add this in when I hear back.



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ENTRY DATE: By 21st December 2018

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2018 Competition Entries

During 2018 – 2019 I intend to create images for competitions. My aim is to win an award, I might as well aim for the top because that’s the only way you can get somewhere close!

Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse

March 2018 Submission

In March 2018 I entered The Society of Photographers monthly competition in the newborn category and for this I was received the Highly Commended Award.


May 2018 Submission

In May 2018 I entered The Society of Photographers monthly competition in the newborn category again with this image, unfortunately no award this time.


November 2018 Submission

In November 2018 I entered The Society of Photographers monthly competition in the newborn category again with this image, unfortunately no award this time.

Baby Maisie-8-Edit

Wildlife Competition

I had the extraordinary experience of a squirrel climbing up my leg recently and luckily I had my camera round my neck at the time! If I can find a wildlife competition with a category to suit I might enter this:


KOOKIE Magazine WON!!

This isn’t an award for myself but as the front cover photographer for the magazine I was thrilled when in November 2018 it received LAUNCH OF THE YEAR at the British Society Of Magazine Editors Awards in London:


Unfortunately I wasn’t at the ceremony to see it win, or my front cover image displayed on the huge screens as they announced the winner. BUT I’m utterly thrilled all the same and so proud of what Vivien Jones & Nicky Shortridge have achieved since the first edition this time last year.



We are now on to the 5th edition ready for Christmas and have the 6th edition in the pipeline too…… It’s very exciting on the KOOKIE front 😀




Newborns 2017 Photo Competition

I will be entering this competition and i am currently deciding on which image/s to enter.

More information about the competition is here –


There is an option to submit 1 / 3 / 5 Images.

So far i have chosen this one and i will be submitting my final images this week.

Aniela hat


Flora & Fauna Photography Exhibition

Flora & Fauna comp

I entered a few of my images below into this competition. I love this early morning light along with the hazy background. With every photo i take i am always aiming to shoot super early in the morning or just before dusk. I love creating backlit dreamy images. These were all shot in the field next to my house early one morning … before i took the kids to school –

Just Nettles sml

Morning Light sml

Sparkling Leaf sml

If you click here there is a youtube slideshow with all the entries.

Dark Fairy

I entered the ‘Fairytale’ February Child Photo Competition


I found this competition only a couple of days before the last submission day so i didn’t have time to take another image specifically for it so i used one that i had taken the week prior of my daughter in the studio. I wanted to turn her into a fairy so i looked on youtube and found this video which gave me an idea what to do –


I downloaded some fairy wings brushes and added them in photoshop. I did this in lots of layers and kept building it up to try and make it look as real as i could (to my current photoshop abilities). Once i was happy with it i flattened all the layers and then used the dodge and burn tool to enhance the highlights and shadows on the dress and wings.

I didn’t win but it was exciting taking part and i am planning on entering the Black & White competition next…and this time i will be able to spend more time doing it.