Kelly Brown | Learning from the best

When i decided i wanted to focus specifically on newborn photography it was Kelly Brown that influenced me the most. I love her work, from the way she makes her clients feel the moment they walk through the door, to the natural earthy colours & props she uses to the beautifully edited images. She is calm & professional and makes the whole experience special from start to finish. This is something that i want to provide, i want people to invest in beautiful imagery of their babies and in return i want to give them a luxury experience.

I would LOVE to do one of her 2 Day intensive workshops where she covers everything from safe work practice, posing through to the editing , products & client delivery. These cost $2000 and i would have to travel to Australia for it so at this time it is not an option for me 😦 I have contacted her and asked if she would ever be running an of these in the UK and if so can i be top of the list 😀

She is at the SWPP in London in January 2017, where she will be participating in seminars and is running a short class….but by the time i had found out about it there was no spaces left.

I am a huge fan of Creative Live and the resources that they provide for photographers are brilliant, you can watch free broadcasts and also buy the full courses if you wish. Last year i managed to watch a couple of the Newborn Photography Bootcamp by Kelly Brown and it was amazing but i couldn’t afford to buy the full course then. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and have started watching the course, it was run over a 4 week period and there is so many incredible videos as well as class materials, documents & guides. Once i have finished the videos i am going to begin to work through these and adapt them for my business.

Kelly Brown | Contemporary Practitioner

Kelly Brown, Master Of Photography with the AIPP.

Specialises in newborn & baby photography, she runs her business Little Pieces Photography from her home studio in Kenmore Hills, Brisbane, Queensland which she started in 2005.


Which she soon outgrew and has now extended it into her garage, it has a full wall of windows providing her with plenty of natural light. She has become so busy that her husband chose to give up his job to work alongside her and looks after the business & marketing:

Kelly’s calm persona and concern for baby’s safety at the same time as creating beautiful portraits has really excelled her business, she has diplomas in Business & Photography and has spent time learning about newborn babies to have an understanding of their little bodies is really important when you are going to be posing them and putting them in different positions. She has a wealth of knowledge in this area and has become one of the most well known Newborn Photographers and teaches all over the world, she wants to provide people with the skills they need to run a successful newborn photography business and to help maintain the standards of the industry:

creativeLIVE Speaker – Newborn Posing 3 day Workshop

creativeLIVE Speaker – Bumps to Babies 3 day Workshop

creativeLIVE Speaker – Newborn Photography Bootcamp


AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year 2014
AIPP QLD Professional Photographer of the Year 2013 and 2014
AIPP QLD Family Photographer of the Year 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015
AIPP QLD Portrait Photographer of the Year 2013
AIPP Australian Creative Photographer of the Year 2012

WPPI 1st Place in Portrait Individual 2014
WPPI 1st Place in Portrait Group 2014
WPPI 1st Place in Portrait Children’s 2014
WPPI 1st Place in Creative Composite 2014
WPPI 1st Place in Portrait Individual 2013
WPPI 1st Place in Portrait Group 2013

Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize – Finalist 2012 & 2013



Kelly Brown – My Inspiration

I have followed Kelly Brown for years, she lives in Australia and is my favourite natural light child photographer, i think she is amazing. Its not just her end result photos that inspire me but its her approach to the whole procedure.

There is so much involved in baby photography, firstly safety is the most important thing then providing a nice cosy relaxed area for the clients.  A newborn shoot can take up to 4 hours so making everyone comfortable is essential. The happier everyone is the better the photos will be and Kelly Brown was my guru when i was learning, i was lucky enough to watch her workshops on Creativelive and it was amazing to watch her work, her professional efficient, calm caring motherly nature was exactly the same as what i wanted to convey to my clients.