Harry Potter & Hermoine

Last year I photographed the Wedding of Gemma & Pat, they had already booked and half paid for another photographer when they found me and when I told them I was available they cancelled their photographer… I did feel bad on the other Photographer’s behalf but at the same time I was jumping with joy inside because they loved my work that much that they were prepared to lose money to have me…. A Photographers dream 😀 And to my joy they got pregnant pretty soon after the wedding and booked me for their newborn shoot… another happy dance! They are massive film fans and wanted to incorporate that into the shoot.

Requested Themes – Harry Potter



This is the reference board that I put together for a previous Harry Potter Shoot so I used this again because I couldn’t find any new images online since I made this. Except the one that I had made –

Baby Maisie-8-Edit


  • Needed to be different from my last Harry Potter image.
  • It also had to include their dog that they were bringing along to the shoot. (Never work with dogs or children they say hmmmm…. the challenge is on!!)



mabelI’ve never photographed a dog with a baby before so I my main priority was that it needed to be done in the safest way possible because dogs can be unpredictable. I had already met their dog Mabel at their wedding, she is probably one of the cutest and most well behaved dogs I’ve ever met but I still needed to be careful how I planned this.

I found some newborn photographs on Pinterest that included dogs, they all include the baby wrapped up safe with the dog alongside.



Nikon D850 & Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art

Elinchrom D-lite RX One

Backdrop & a selection of props, bear outfit and accessories


Little Matilda was a very hungry girl that day and fed constantly for the first 2 hours, so I kept myself occupied and let Mabel take centre stage and she was the best most well behaved model I’ve ever had! I had her posing in my little bed, in a root bowl, on an miniature vintage chair…. she was amazing!! Then when Matilda was successfully in a content milk coma I was able to position her in a wooden bowl all wrapped up safe, once she was in position Mabel was brought into the scene happily wearing the Harry Potter scarf. Once she was sat in the right place Gemma put the glasses on her which did keep slipping down because they had nothing to hold on to but after a couple of attempts I managed to get the shot of the day! I was so pleased that I wasn’t going to have to composite 2 images together, the only thing I did need to do in post production was remove the strobe reflection in Mabel’s glasses. The rest of the edit consisted of quick tidy up of skin, stray hairs etc, outfit colour change from blue to light brown, dodge & burn, hue & saturation, curves, contrast and painted vignette. This was edited to match the other images that I have created for competitions and my exhibition at the Degree Show because I want them all to compliment each other as a collection.

Mabel & Matilda-1.jpg

This has to be one of my favourite newborn images to date, I absolutely adore it, Mabel was a genius addition and I’m so glad they brought her along to join in. Harry Potter & Hermoine … best pals forever now. The sweetest thing was that Mabel kept on giving Matilda a tiny gentle lick on the head every now and then just to make sure she was ok. I can see these two are going to be joined at the hip as they grow up together.

My Collection so far….

Baby Cedri-1Suzanne_Ross-Hughes_Newborn_April_2019_161813-1Mabel & Matilda-1