Elsie | Independent Magazine

ELSIE Magazine

Founded in 2011

Les Jones – Freelance creative Director – Photographer – Writer


I went to the talk that Les gave about ELSIE magazine intrigued to find out more about it, I’d never actually heard of this Independent magazine before. Since working as the cover photographer for KOOKIE Magazine which is also an Independent Magazine except it’s for pre-teen girls and being involved with a few other projects around that I felt that this would be beneficial to me.

Les talked about how the magazine came to fruition and the journey that it’s taken him on. When he started to explain about the magazine , that it didn’t have an agenda, there was only one a year, it was never released on a specific date just when it was ready and that it was basically an outlet for him to have creative freedom to share his ideas and to enjoy himself. . . . I will admit that I was thinking ‘hmmmmm what on earth is this mag about!?’

Les quotes. . .

β€œ I have nothing to say and I’m saying it”

Robert Rauschenberg

He went on to tell us how he came up with the content and it was fascinating, photographing shop signs and handwriting that he finds on random pieces of paper to create the fonts that he uses in the magazine. He says you must DISRUPT YOUR THINKING and force yourself out of your normal way, away from your comfort zone because that’s when things happen. He put every country name into a hat, let his son pick one then printed off the map for that country and threw a dart at it to find the village where he was going to spend 5 whole days on his own was just genius. And what happened after that was an ongoing catalytic journey of discovery, meeting ‘fascinating’ people and learning about their weird and wonderful ways in all corners of the world.


Les Jones



I loved this talk and felt truly inspired at the end, not to create a magazine but just by Les’s journey, the way his unstructured journey of just following what interests him has led to the creation of this one man band magazine and the unknown discoveries that lie ahead. I will be subscribing as well as ordering the first edition which is still available on his website, there is only 1000 of each edition printed and each cover from the first edition is entirely bespoke and most definitely an important collectors item for all those who love people, art, illustrations & photography.