Degree Show 2019

It’s fast approaching our Degree Show 2019… where has the time gone from last years! Even though I ordered my wall art over a month in advance there were so many issues with printing problems that the final products arrived at the last minute. This year I promised myself to be ready even earlier … just in case. And here I am 37 days and counting, after struggling with personal hurdles I still haven’t decided what I’m showing or how I’m going to hang it h-e-l-p!

It needs to be different to last year –

Degree Show Layout practise 2

There’s lots of things to consider –

  • Do I want to use the same Pro Mounts as last year so they can all hang next to each other in a future exhibition as a larger collection.
  • Would they even work as a larger collection?
  • Do they need to all be the same to work together
  • How can I make it better/different than last year?
  • If I am using the same Pro Mounts then I need to order them this week!!
  • What images am I displaying ???



This information has been copied from the websites stated. I have listed looked for unusual ways to hang images.

Exhibit At Seattle’s Henry Art Gallery Invites Visitors To Touch, Take Home Art On Display

A new show at Seattle’s Henry Art Gallery invites you to do something museums usually forbid: Touch the art and take it home.

Hamilton used a low-resolution scanner to print images of dozens of mammals, birds and amphibians. The results are blurry images with only what was pressed against the glass coming into focus — an underbelly, a chin, a pair of claws. All of the images were then published on large-format tablets that wallpaper the interior of the galleries.

There are stools available in case you want to climb up and tear off one of the images hung up high. And what if you tore off a whole bunch? That’s also what Hamilton is getting at. There’s a shared responsibility here — a give and take, a common experience and, of course, the act of making something extinct.

“When we touch, we’re always touched in return,” she said. “And touch has a consequence.”


I don’t think this idea would work for my images but it was an interesting way that worked well referring to the animals going extinct as parts of the prints were removed throughout the exhibition.

The Vintage And The Contemporary

screenshot-2019-04-16-at-13.32.41.png – oli scraff/getty images


I really like this idea, a harmonious mix of old and new I think if it’s done right it looks really good.

Tudor and Elizabethan

Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 13.33.31



Picture Rails




Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 13.38.23

Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 13.29.45

After looking at the various installations I’m still finding it difficult to visualise which images to use and how to display them so I created some mock up walls with picture frames to have a play around with the options.

Wall Mock Up

Room Mock Up

mock room 1mock room 2mock room 3mock room 4mock room mix 1mock room mix 2mock room mix 3mock room mix reveal B&Wmock room mix reveal baby

The images that are standing out to work together as a collection for my display are these ones –

Baby Cedri-1Suzanne_Ross-Hughes_Newborn_April_2019_161813-1Mabel & Matilda-1

I felt like I could go on forever with the digital layouts so I decided to try something different and make a model of the space where I will be displaying my work. I’ve printed the the images above with and without frames so that I can try out different layouts in the model to see what works.

This helped immensly because I was able to move the images around and have a play with the layout. The next step was to find frames that I could use, I plan to have frames without the glass. My images will be printed on a Giclee Art Paper, this is beautifully textured and has a matte finish which is perfect for exhibitions.



After lots of browsing online I took to the street and photographed frames and then took a sample image along to try it against the frames.

This was my chosen frame:

I then photographed the frame, added my images to it and printed them off to see how they would work in my room layout:


The next stage was to decide on what colours to paint my walls, I got paint swatch samples from B&Q, photographed them so that I could colour sample them to try against my photos.


Still undecided on the colour… and also considering 4 images instead of 5?



I feel there needs to be a feature image, one that takes centre stage. When on my recent Newborn Training Workshop with Emma from Little Love Photography I was able to view her Wall Art Samples and she uses the company Digitalab and I love their products. Especially this –



new mock room 3 Images 2

Now this I like a lot!!!! Unfortunately I have already ordered Giclee prints of the 5 images that I’ve chosen as well as buying 5 frames from The Range. The frames I can take back because I have the receipt but if the prints have already gone into production then I will just have to take the hit on those and perhaps having the extra prints they will get used somewhere else.

The large 36″x24″ Fine Art Print in the Vintage Frame from Digitalab should cost over £200 but with the sample discount code brings it down to £140 incl VAT & delivery…. can’t complain at that for such a statement piece. My only worry is without having the time to request a sample test print I have to just go for it and order hoping for the best… so fingers crossed!!!

Here it is and I absolutely love it, I would say that it’s a little darker than all the other test prints that I’ve had done with other suppliers and the skin tone has more magenta with this German Etching paper. Something that can’t be helped now but if I order from this company again I can bare that in mind that it will need to be adjusted to compensate for the extra magenta.


Last year I used MOO for my business cards and the quality is stunning so there was no doubt that I would use them again this year. Except I decided create miniature artworks with my images, they offer a service where you can upload up to 50 different designs so I used the images that will be on display at the show and that way if someone likes a particular image they can take one of the corresponding cards and have a miniature print to take away. I chose the recycled tshirt card because it has a beautiful matte texture which is similar my Giclee Prints. They are absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t be more pleased with them!


We had such a great team of students from levels 4, 5 & 6 helping us prepare our areas for the show, they worked so hard and we were really lucky to have them this year.

Once my walls were painted I hung my wall art and removed the glass from my newborn images which I had kept on to protect the Giclee paper because it marks so easy.

Unfortunately something had happened to one of my images on the thursday when I wasn’t there, I came in on the friday morning of the Degree Show and noticed what looked like 2 cream coloured dots on one of prints !


Absolutely fuming!! And with no time to get a reprint I ended up rushing out to buy a brown eyeshadow palette and touched the marks up with that, it didn’t get rid of it completely but darkened it enough so that it wasn’t as noticeable.




That aside, the Show was brilliant, everyone put so much effort in to pull it together and we were so lucky to have the knowledge, support and encouragement from Karen Heald, she went to great lengths to make sure everyone’s final work was the best it could be and curated a hell of a show. I didn’t end up getting any photos because I was too busy talking to everyone but my husband took a few with his phone:

I received amazing feedback for my newborn images, a few people have enquired to book in and I also met a couple of girls who were fans of my work which was very humbling. The large print of Sophie with the blackbird really affected some people, many were mesmerized by it and I had two people who said it was haunting which momentarily disgruntled me, but I quickly accepted that as a compliment. The image created emotion and feelings, all different depending on the viewer and as someone once told me, if you manage to do that with your work then you have created a piece of Art.


A Show to be remembered!