Competitions 2019


Baby Photo Awards is a website where professional photographers can share their best children and maternity photoshoots. The most creative photography artists from all over the world submit their works to contest with colleagues for the highest places in the rating list. We carefully choose the very best photographs and display them in our virtual collection. 

Only the authors of the most picturesque and unique photographs are honored with Baby Photo Awards. At the end of the year, people who won the biggest quantity of awards enter the annual list of TOP baby photographers in the world. 

I entered this competition in March and was selected as one of the Winners of their 36 Collection! So exciting to be selected from all the International Photographers that entered.

Three Little Bears-2

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 19.50.01Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 19.48.57


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The Societies’ monthly online competition is a ‘must’ for all our members. There are 27 categories that cover all aspects of photography and it is judged by some of the most esteemed Fellow, Master and Grand Master photographers in the UK and across the world. All entries which gain the coveted ‘Gold’ award are put forward to our annual judging and, if deemed to be the best, can gain their maker a prestigious ‘Photographer of the Year’ Award within its category at our annual Awards Dinner.

I entered this image into the monthly competition in April and I was blown away to receive a Gold Award!!

Woodland Twins-winner

Among the Gold Awards for the different categories in April was Paulina Ducman, she truly is one of my biggest inspirations so it was an honour to be amongst the winners with her.

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 15.55.50

Since winning the awards I attended a Judging Class at The Newborn Photography Show, I wanted to learn what makes a winning image, to understand why mine won and use this knowledge in my future work as well as work towards one day becoming a judge myself.


Updated Social Media –


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Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 16.02.54

I set out to win an award this year so that I could re-brand myself as an ‘Award Winning Photographer’ and I have very excitedly just updated my website and social media sites with that title Yippeee!!

This year has definitely been the best of my Photography career so far, building up my profile, winning awards and getting myself recognised within the professionals that I have been inspired by to now be competing alongside.