Over the past 3 years I have been running my photography studio alongside studying for my Degree. My portfolio has grown and my business has had an incremential growth in clients and profit. I’m proud to be the cover photographer for the internationally seccessful KOOKIE Magazine which was launched in December 2017. A quarterly publication for young girls inspiring greatness over appearance and unrealistic values. I’m also grateful to have received a Highly Commended Award by The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers in April this year. This Newborn Image was part of a Fine Art Triptych created for my Degree Exhibition.

In June 2018 it was time to celebrate because I was able to start paying myself a wage, it’s a token payment but if the objectives that I have set myself for this academic year work, then I hope to double that by this time next year. My returning client base has increased with continued great feedback and I’ve managed to hold my place at the top of the Google search engine when looking for ‘Newborn Photographer Wrexham’. Also feature on the first page when other keywords like ‘Wedding Photographer, Family Photographer’ are used.

My three main objectives for this year in Locating Practise and Practise and Application are focused on taking my business to the next level.

  • Create images for competitions – During the 1st Semester:

    – Harry Potter styled newborn image that I have been requested to do for a client. For this I will need to make and source props taking inspiration from Kirsty Mitchell and her Wonderland series to create a setting in the style of a Harry Potter scene. (Image –

    – I will also be creating 2 Alice in Wonderland themed images | One portrait & One Composite. Inspired by artists like Brooke Shaden & Kirsty Mitchell

  • Learn how to market & sell to my ideal client
  • Increase my prices

These objectives will involve investing time and money in workshops to learn how to improve in these areas. The 4 workshops that I will attend in the first semester are:

Paulina Duczman Fine Art Portraiture (28th November 2018) – Paulina is an award winning portrait photographer so I have chosen this workshop to improve my photography & editing skills to help me create images for competitions. She will cover planning, styling, lighting, posing, getting the models connection with the camera, shooting & editing. I also need to understand the theory of portraiture and practising popular lighting techniques like Rembrandt (Image – with reference to photographers such as Paulina Duczman & Annie Leibovitz who are renowned for this style. I will also research galleries and find out which competitions and categories are best suited for my work, studying previous winners and the criteria the judges are looking for.

In Person Sales (29th November 2018) – This workshop will be held by Maggie Robinson covers how to correctly price and sell your work. Increase your average sale and sell more wall art. Having your images displayed as pieces of art in clients homes is a constant advertisement of your bespoke service and products to anyone who see it.

The Creative Newborn Studio (December 2018) – International Award Winner Julia Kelleher teaches how to hone your creativity to stand out in the Newborn Photography Market and create unique images. As newborn photography is the service that I want to promote the most, this workshop will help me to explore a more artistic approach to my photography.

Marketing Strategies for Newborn Photographers – International Award Winner Julia Kelleher covers collateral identity, branding & marketing with a purpose, booking, selling, the experience, customer service & the product. During this I will be researching how other award winning photographers who offer a bespoke portraiture price their services and look at eventualy locating myself within their price range.

These workshops not only improve my skills but they are important networking and research opportunities. By spending time with other local and international photographers it helps to keep me locate my practise in the current photography market. (Image

During the Advanced Professional Practise module in the second semester and leading me into 2020 I will be looking to bring together everything I’ve learnt over these past 5 years to either set up my own photography workshops (Image – or find a role in education…. and keep following in the footseps of the masters…. always 🙂