2018 – 2019 Proposal

Reaching New Heights


This year I plan to concentrate on building my business, what makes me different and finding my target market with the main objective of increasing my prices. The work I plan to make will be continuation of last year, creating bespoke portraits and building on the knowledge that I have learnt so far. I will be creating images specifically for competitions, aiming to gain awards which I can use to lift my status and justify the reason for raising my prices.

I would have liked to spend some time learning more about film, as this is another service that I would like to offer. I am interested in learning how to create short films that work alongside my photography. Particularly influenced by storyteller artists such as Ivan Monagas, his photography & videography skills blow me away and I love his videos with attention to the music, transitions and sounds:

To start focusing on videography now it would require more financial investment, education and time outside of my business, something that I don’t have any of at the moment. Running my photography business alone has increased in difficulty over the past 2 years as my client base has built. The photography is only a tiny percentage of the work, the rest is spent on editing and then around that there is the planning, meetings, admin, ordering, packaging & delivering, advertising, cleaning.. the list goes on! Work & family life is totally off-balance with having to spend on average 60-70 hours per week and not even earning minimum wage once all the studio costs, insurances etc are paid. As much as I would like to devote my time to learning something new it will be detrimental to my current situation so I have made the sensible decision to focus on the services that I currently offer and optimise those. Also, I will be looking at ways to speed up my editing workflow so that I can spend less evenings and weekends working and balance out my family time better.

During semester one I will be creating 3 images to enter into competitions such as SWPP. One will be a bespoke Harry Potter styled newborn image that I have been requested to do for a client. For this I will need to make and source props to create a setting that will look like a scene out of the films.



I will also be creating 2 images using my children. There is several reasons that I plan to use my children, for one it means more time spent with them, something that I have very little of these days and this is affecting us all as a family so it’s important I do something to change that. Also, I have more options, I can shoot at times that are convenient to us. When relying on model calls there is a multitude of things that can get in the way of the shoot like being let down, or we don’t get the shots needed then a replacement would need to be found. At least with my children I have more options.

Inspired by films like Alice In Wonderland I will re-create stills from the movie with a contemporary twist to link them with our current modernistic lifestyles today.

I will be building on the knowledge that I learnt last year creating composite images, believable scenes with a magic or otherworldly twist. The images I want to create will be more Fine Art than Studio Portrait, to do this I will be learning how to style and edit for Fine Art as well as looking at finishes and framing that will suit my images.

In order to help me do this I have invested in several workshops for 2018/2019:

Fine Art Photography with Paulina Duczman

(28th November 2018)

Paulina Duczman – https://paulinaduczman.com/about-me/


IPS Sales with Maggie Robinson https://www.dinkyfeet.co.uk/ips-training

(29th November 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.19.58


The Creative Newborn Studio with Julia Kelleher

(Scheduled December 2018)


Marketing Strategies for Baby Photographers with Julia Kelleher

(Scheduled –¬†January 2019)

marketing strategies for baby photographers.jpg


Every year I invest in extra education outside of University that is focused specifically around my business. These courses offer what I need for the objectives that I have set for this academic year. Paulina will be covering shooting and editing for Fine Art images and this is the level that I want to be creating images for competitions. What I hope to then learn from Maggie is how to sell my work, how to price it correctly and be confident in doing so. At the same time as improving my skills these workshops are important networking and research opportunities. By spending time during workshops with other local and international photographers it helps to keep me locate my practise in the current photography market.