Negotiated Studies 1 | Evaluation

Throughout Negotiated Studies 1 I have researched Composite Photography and Contemporary Artists within this field across different genres. I have looked at what they create, why and how through tutorials, interviews and workshops. Using what I have learnt I plan to further my compositing skills and start to build my portfolio and eventually have a substantial body of work worthy of a Gallery.

Before starting this I knew basic compositing techniques but I wanted to fast track my learning. To do this I set myself a 7 Days 7 Composites Challenge. This become a really worthwhile exercise, I learnt so much regarding lighting and how important this is, as well as perspective and how this has to be perfect otherwise the composite will not work. With only a day for each composite, time was an issue and there was definitely days that were a struggle and needed more careful planning therefore more time.

For future composites having one or two contingency plans will be a necessity because sometimes an idea just isn’t going to work. The weather plays a vital part also, something you can’t control and if planning to shoot outside then several days need to be scheduled just incase it decides to rain or turns foggy (Coronation Blue Project)

The image below is a composite that I created for the KOOKIE Magazine launch which they now have as their Website Homepage:

Kookie 1st issue!! PRINT small

Kookie website

Christmas Advert on my Facebook Page and christmas cards for clients & friends:

Christmas Card Composite crop -Edit-3

The next project was a collaboration with Roy Barry for his Coronation Blue Project. I was to create something using the Coronation Blue Ink as one of the artists involved, more information regarding this can be found on his website:

Coronation Blue PLAN sml

Again I learnt a lot, this was a really good stepping stone from the 7 Days 7 Composites Challenge because I wasn’t restrained to the restrictions involved plus I had more time to come up with the concept for my image. In saying that, it still didn’t quite go to plan. Even though I put more time and thought into the theory behind the image when it came to shooting it unfortunately I didn’t have any ‘back up’ days available to re-shoot. The weather has been awful over the past few weeks and I kept waiting for a decent day which didn’t come and then had to shoot on the last day before it needed to be sent off for print. Which lead to a very panicked recovery plan and I had to change the whole idea for the image and shoot it indoors. I was fairly happy with the outcome but ultimately I didn’t achieve what I set out to do therefore I hope to look at this project again in the summer.

Angel Wings is the next project, this involves compositing with more theory behind it. It will be a series of images that will take inspiration from children’s novels & films. They will be a realistic realm of fantasy, my daughter will be the angel with handmade wings and she will be featured in beautiful sunset/sunrise scenes. I will be working with my daughter, as well as making the wings so there will be prop design involved which will have to be researched. It will also require going out location scouting and I look forward to heading off on foot and exploring.

Angel 1 Mock up

In each project there is always a need for further learning and experimenting, this is important for my growth and shows that I am keen to try new things and always looking to improve. I love taking an idea and turning it into reality and I can see myself working for commercial clients, creating bespoke images for their brand.