My Plan | Neg 1 & 2


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Right from the ideas on paper through to the final edit

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All images above from

The gallery above is Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland Series. Each image took months to create and i love her devotion to detail and commitment for perfection which really inspires me.

She creates everything from the costumes to the sets and the photographs it as a whole image. I also want to create outfits and props but i also want to become an expert at photoshop compositing. Photographing each element of the image separately and then merging them together realistically in Photoshop.

I do this on a small scale at the moment like in this image:

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During this shoot the parents were telling me about how they had met on a boat so i suggested how nice it would be to have a photo with their baby in a boat. They were delighted by the idea but unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan because the baby woke up after i did my test shot and i wasn’t able to finesse the set up. In the parents eyes though i had taken a photograph…so i had got the shot!? This resulted in me going home thinking how can i make this work?? I eventually had the idea of changing the background and purchased a digital backdrop from Etsy and spent 3 hours merging them together.

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It turned out to be their favourite image in their gallery, well worth the extra effort and made me realise how important this skill was.

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Another composite that i created, i was asked to photograph the little in her big sisters police hat but unfortunately she was too big to fit in it comfortably so i photographed them separately and then blended them together in photoshop….again it was the clients favourite image in their gallery.

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Lots of photographers offer this service of composited images and this is why it is so important for me to advance my skills in this area. Digital backdrops can be purchased from online sites such as Etsy,  which is where i got the boat backdrop from but they aren’t original as many photographers use them and i want to offer a bespoke service to my clients creating images unlike any others.

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Tracey Willis is a Fine Art Photographer from Bournemouth who creates composites using her animals, i love her work, all her images have such an endearing quality to them . She also offers training which is something that i might look at in the future.

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She created this image by building her scene then photographing it, then the dog & mouse separately and then put them together in photoshop using blending toning and masking to create the final image.

Here is a few more of her images:

Brooke Shaden is another composite photographer that i will be researching, i have purchased her online course (Fine Art Photography : The Complete Guide. which i hope will help me a lot with my future compositing.

One thing that i know from the composites that i have done is that you must get the lighting and composition right otherwise the image doesn’t look right and i really want to experiment and push myself out of my comfort zone to learn new methods.

The images i plan to make for my Degree Show will have a fantasy element to the and incorporate nature, possibly animals and definitely my children… it’s important to me to include them in my work, it gives them a little look into my world, i want to inspire them and prove that you can do whatever you want when you put your mind to it.