Newborn Composite Workshop | Introduction

This online course is instructed by Aoife (Efa) Millea from Cleare Photography and hosted by Meg Bitton at her studio in the U.S.

Efa runs her business Cleare Photography from her newborn studio in Waterford, Ireland.


I was so excited to find this course because i have followed Efa for a long time on social media always amazed at what she creates. Her work is similar to Anne Geddes with a heavy focus on babies within nature scenes and her attention to detail is immense. Her composites look so real, the lighting is beautiful, great use of light and shadows as well as a warm ambient feel to them.

The course looks at:

  • Shooting for the background plate indoors and outdoors
  • Using small items and making them look like large props
  • Backdrops & Lighting
  • Dressing and posing baby with minimal transitions
  • Editing

During the Newborn Posing Workshop that i attended with Kelly Brown there was an element to compositing involved for safety reasons, positions that the baby could not be in unsupported so several images had to be taken and layered together in Photoshop.

Throughout my education i am beginning to fine tune what i shoot and how i shoot, compositing has become an essential part whether it is for safety reasons or for more creative freedom.

This Newborn Compositing Course contains new methods that i haven’t used before which i am very excited learn.