Researching Artists | Sarolta Ban

Surreal Photographer & Artist


Sarolta Ban, born in 1982 in Budapest, Hungary.

Began her career as an artist and jewellery designer before becoming fascinated with the digital world and its possibilities which then took her down the path of creating fine art surreal photographs. Taking inspiration from life itself and its beauty along with a manipulated surreal perspective on it and carefully constructed to give the illusion that it’s real.

She has had her work in many galleries around the world as well as won Artist & Photography Awards.

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Heavy vignette / Dark / Moody / Fantasy / Surreal / Old film /  Weird / Cool tones / Desaturated / Deep / humour / Trees / Animals / Children / Monochrome / Contrast / Dramatic /

I see similarities to Brooke Shaden’s work regarding the murky subdued colour palette and texture overlays as well as a regular focus around nature.

She also helps homeless dogs to be looked at in a new light with her Help Dogs Project

She creates interesting fun portraits of the dogs to try and get them new homes.

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There isn’t a great deal of information about Sarolta Ban online, just a few interviews. In she says that she is not a professional photographer, she uses FinePix S5600 camera and hopes to one day own a bigger Nikon. She can spend a few hours to several days on each image which can comprise of up to 100 layers.


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