Brooke Shaden | Reaching Out

So this morning i decided to reach out to Brooke and ask her to come to the UK for Creative Futures Week! I honestly think i have more chance of winning the lottery but hey, if you don’t ask you don’t get!!


And if she even finds the time just to reply i will still be ever so happy! 😀

UPDATE JAN 2018***

Not only did Brooke reply to my email but she agreed to be put in contact with Uni to discuss what she can do for our Creative Futures Week!!! Unbelievable!! ( You can’t see it but i am still doing my little happy dance!! haha )

THIS IS AMAZING!!! She is going to be an absolutely asset to the line up! Because of her other commitments she can’t actually make it to the UK in person but she has agreed to do a live Q&A with us over Skype that week!!



Researching Artists | Brooke Shaden

Fine Art Self Portrait Artist

‘The key to living a happy life is to figure out what makes you happy.’

– Brooke Shaden


Brooke Shaden, born in 1987 in Lancaster USA.

Studied English & Film making before settling on photography, she loves to write more than anything, she is a story teller at heart and originally thought she would be a film maker as this would be a great way to express ideas. The long process of the film making soon made Brooke realise that this wasn’t what she had expected and then moved on to photography.

She describes herself as shy and used to find it extremely uncomfortable talking to people, she would spend all her time in her apartment experimenting with her self portraiture and through this she learnt posing, directing, story telling and lighting. She learnt to love her work because it was 100% original and right from her heart. This made her realise what she needed to do, it was empowering & inspiring to be able to express her feelings & fantasies and she wanted to encourage others to do the same.



Brooke has featured in galleries, interviews, tv, is the author of Inspiration Photography.

She teaches all over the world and is also very excited about her charity work, she runs workshops on story telling to help people express themselves and encourage them to heal.

The Light Space – School For Survivors Of Human Trafficking


Her images all have a duality or theme which represent feelings which people can relate to.

I find Brooke’s images to be simple yet layers deep, they are like paintings in an old dusty book and each one different to the next they all represent each other. The square format and colour signature link her images together.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 18.41.02

Conceptual / Unique / Deep / Rich / Dark / Moody / Expressive / Emotional / Mysterious /  Painterly / Magic / Fantasy / Thoughtful / Heavy / Story / Aged / Loneliness 

Something that Brooke mentioned in an interview with SLR Lounge was that she always sees the final image in her head before she starts and i can’t totally relate to this, whenever i can visualise the final product it makes the whole construction easy to work through. She doesn’t actually enjoy the Photoshop Compositing as much because thats what anyone can do but its building the idea and developing that and then the communication that it leads to that excites her.


She never has a true black or white point in any of her images, Colour is a hugely important aspect in all her images.

How does colour relate to storytelling? How do other people interpret that colour? It is interesting to study how other people see colour. The answers to these are very predictable but Brooke ran this survey to back up the theory:

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 18.27.45Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 18.28.58Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 18.30.04

She is very aware of how she uses colour and because of that has a very strong colour signature which she defines as:

 Rich / One Main Colour / Warm or Cool / Earthy

Brooke inspires me with her storytelling through imagery and strong colour signature, i hope to learn more to help me create images to develop my own style. To work towards this i am currently doing her Fine Art Photography Course via Creative Live and i will be documenting this process HERE.

July 2017 Challenge – 1 Image, 1 Video, 1 Blog Post Everyday

Brooke set herself a challenge to create 1 Image, 1 Video & 1 Blog Post everyday for the whole month! I completely understand how difficult this must have been because when i set myself the 7 Days 7 Composites Challenge it was really hard to come up with a new idea everyday as well as shoot, edit & finalise it. I was juggling work and 2 children at the same time though which definitely added to the workload.

In this video Brooke explains how each day started at 4am to leave in the dark to find a new place to test out her ideas. Some ideas worked and some didn’t and everyday she learnt something new, experienced new things and was able to look at the world from another angle. This challenge required dedication, skill, perseverance and endurance…. something Brooke has lots of!


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