For Day 7 i needed to try something different again so i planned to include one of our dogs in the image.

Concept: Sophie the dogs dinner

Location: My Garden

Equipment Used:

Nikon D750, Nikon 35mm 1.4

1 child

1 Dog

Camera Settings: Dog & Sophie 1/320s (a faster shutter speed than previously used because how much Rolo moves around i didn’t want him to be a total blur, F5.6 ISO 500

Shooting:  For this image i knew that i was going to be placing Sophie leaning against the fence so that is where my focus was, i didn’t need Rolo to be in focus because it was Sophie’s face of fear that was going to be the focal point. I needed to get Rolo to stay where i needed him which resulted in me rolling round on the floor with a stick trying to keep him entertained at the gate while i took a multitude of images in the hope that one would work! He’s a very soppy dog and i needed him to look slightly aggressive but i knew that was going to be impossible but luckily he licked his lips which made him look like he was hungry so i was pleased with that one.

I then got Sophie to lean against the fence and pretend there was a savage dog round the corner waiting to eat her!


Merging these 2 images together was really easy because they were shot at the same time of day, same light and i was putting Soph onto the same background that she was photographed against.

SOph & Rolo SML


Really pleased with this one, the edit is very believable i think it really looks like Sophie is there and the direction she is looking fits well with where Rolo is.