Creating Composites | Day 6

For Day 6 of my Composite Challenge i wanted to try photographing a scene where the lighting was different so i chose to photograph my fruit bowl as this area isn’t near a window so i would have to find a way of using flash but getting an ambient amount of light.

Concept: Owen stealing grapes

Location: My dining room

Equipment Used:

Nikon D750, Nikon 35mm 1.4, Yongnuo Flashgun

1 child & 1 assistant

1 melon

Shooting:  So today i photographed Owen sat outside on a table, yesterday i photographed them in front of a white wall & sheet which made it fairly easy to cut around them. With Owen sat outside and the garden behind him it was going to make the cutting out harder.

Camera Settings: Fruit Bowl Scene –  1/100 F7.1 ISO200 & Flash bounced up to the left.  Owen – 1/60 F5 ISO200 & Flash bounced up to the left.

I used a melon so that Owen’s hands would be in the same position as they would be if he was holding a giant grape, unfortunately because of the weight of the melon i didn’t get too many shots before they refused to hold it anymore because it was too heavy!

**Perhaps i should of used a green balloon instead!**



The methods i used to edit were no different than with my previous composites.

Cutting out: MAGNETIC LASSO TOOL, then i tidied up the edges by adding a LAYER MASK, zooming in tight and using black on top of the WHITE LAYER MASK tidied up the edges by painting with the BRUSH IN BLACK.

I merged these 2 images because i  liked the first one best because of the angle of the grape but i wanted to add a watermelon blurred in the background from the second picture so that it enhanced the DOF.

I then added Owen in and painted some shadow underneath him and increased the shadows on his back and legs.



I would of liked to of had longer but my time ran out that day, i would definitely of re-shot Owen to get a better position if i’d of been able so that it looked like he was really putting all his effort into trying to pull the grape off. And perhaps the grapes being pulled out of the bowl more.