Creating Composites | Day 5

Concept: Tiny Owen playing his favourite card game Magic Of The Gathering

Location: My living room

Equipment: Nikon D750, Nikon 35mm 1.4

Camera Settings:

Owen & Card Scene: 1/100s F14 ISO800, Natural Light

For this image i think i tried to go easy on myself because yesterday’s image took so long, i was still tweaking it at nearly midnight and was left feeling deflated because it hadn’t gone as well as my first 3. So there was no combination of lighting, it was natural window light only.

First i photographed Owen stood on a box holding my big drawing pad above his head which i planned to replace with a Game card in post.


Then i got my husband to hold the Game card with the tiny pair of pliars that i used to hold the sock in Day 3 :


Then i just had to photograph the Game scene which i took many angles as well as my husband using scissors to make a small indent in the box where I figured Owens feet would be:

Then very simply cut out Owen from the background, merged all 4 images together using blending tools and then i increased the canvas size upwards to create a Portrait rather than landscape so that i could proportionally fit Owen in as well as the Game card he was holding.


I tried to mimick the shadows that were under the dice in the ones that were coming from Owen’s feet and it was quite tricky getting the shadows correct around Owens fingers because i had him holding a a red pad the red had reflected onto the shadows on Owen’s fingersĀ  so i had to add:



I am fairly happy with this one, Owen loves it because it’s his favourite game (in the world right now) but there’s nothing extra special about it. I could of played round more with the way the game was set up…. on a different platform/table would of looked better and not in front of a boring radiator so there is definitely aspects of this one that i would change if i was to attempt it again.

**NOTE TO ONESELF…. Keep all skin away from strong colour reflections**