Creating Composites | Day 3

Sophie & Owen will be photographed separately, and then the scene photographed and i will attempt to put all 3 elements together.

Concept: Tiny Sophie & Owen sat in their Grandad’s drawers with a smelly sock

Location: My living room & Grandad’s Bedroom


Nikon D750, Yongnuo Flashgun, Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art Lens

Grandad’s Drawers & Smelly Sock

2 Children

Camera Settings:

Sophie & Owen – 1/160s F8 ISO 100, Flash bounced 90 degrees to the left.

Drawers – 1/60s F7.1 ISO 1000, Natural window light 90 degrees to the left.


In the image i wanted it to look like Sophie was holding out one of Grandad’s smelly socks so i got her to lean behind a chair that was covered in grey material which was acting as the drawer front and she held out a grey pillow case which i was planning to swap for a sock. We took quite a few images but then i decided that she should change her nightie, it had printing on it that wouldn’t of looked right:


I wanted her to be wearing something more neutral so she got changed and we shot some more:


With the hand in different places so that i had options to choose from in post.

Then i put Owen in the same place and told him to close his eyes and imagine him and Sophie were tiny in Grandad’s drawers throwing out his smelly socks and he naturally laughed his head off:


So that part was easy enough and once i had taken them to school i went to my father-in-laws house…. emptied his very crammed bedroom drawers then hung one of his socks with a pair of thin pliers that were hidden and holding it from the back inside one of the drawers:


Post Production:

I chose these 2 images and then using the same methods for cutting out & blending as Day 1 & 2 merged them together to create this final image:

Smelly Sock-Edit

By using the grey fabric to shoot Sophie & Owen on it made it easy to cut around them, especially their hands and fingers, when i was cutting them out i didn’t cut in right to the skin either i left some of the shadow that was on the grey fabric which then became the finger shadows on the drawers and sock.

I desaturated the reds in the image very slightly and sharpened Sophie, Owen, Sock and drawer edge that they are leaning on and added some contrast.


I was really pleased with the end result, again like yesterday it was exactly how i envisaged it and i don’t think there is anything that i would change if i had to do it again.