Creating Composites | Day 2

For Day 2 of my Composite Challenge i wanted to do the same process as what i did yesterday but make it harder.


Concept: Tiny Owen feeding his Lego Dinosaur

Location: My Garden

Equipment Used:

Nikon D750, Sigma 50mm 1.4, Nikon 35mm 1.4

1 child

1 Lego Table expertly crafted by myself

1  Hungry Lego Dinosaur

Shooting:  So today i photographed Owen sat outside on a table, yesterday i photographed them in front of a white wall & sheet which made it fairly easy to cut around them. With Owen sat outside and the garden behind him it was going to make the cutting out harder.

Camera Settings: Dino Scene –  1/80 F8 ISO640, Owen – 1/160 F7.1 ISO640

The light was really low today so i had to have quite a low shutter speed compared to what i would normally use but i just made sure that there was no camera shake when taking the photos. Getting the angle of my shot was crucial so it matched with the angle of the lego table that he was going to be sat on.


I stood where i thought the lego dino would be in relation to the table and got Owen to look at me and then i ran to my camera and pressed the shutter……..this took many attempts because every time i moved away his eyes followed me… but we got there in the end. The Disco’s weren’t originally going to be in the shot but while i was setting up my camera Owen was starting so he got some crisps and the shot just created itself…how perfect to have Dino’s eating Disco’s 😀

Post Production:

After importing all files into LIGHTROOM and choosing the 2 i wanted i took them through to PHOTOSHOP and cut Owen out using the LASO TOOL, it was a bit harder than just tracing round when there was a white background and i was left with a rough edge.



To get rid of the rough edge i DUPLICATED my layer & added a LAYER MASK, i then used a very small brush just to paint away the rough edges. For the rest of the image I used all the same methods as yesterday, lots of DODGE & BURN, painting on Shadows, adjusting contrast, clarity & sharpening & curves to warm up the image a little.

Owen Dino -Edit


I love this and i’m really enjoying having a play! I don’t think there is anything i would do different if i did this one again, it turned out exactly how i planned it.

Tomorrow’s composite will be harder again –  Each of my children will be photographed separately, and then the scene photographed and i will attempt to put all 3 elements together.