Day 3 | Digital Futures BBC Childrens



SPEAKER | Mario Dubois


I took some pictures and made notes on my phone throughout Mario’s talk, but sadly my iPhone suffered WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH the following week. Resulting in loss of all my pictures, videos and notes. In this blog I have put together a brief summary of the talk from Mario.


Like most people we have seen this week at Creative Futures, Mario didn’t have a clear idea of what he wanted to do.  It evolved over time with ever-changing digital world.

Mario started off in the arts department at the BBC, here he has the opportunity to apply for other jobs internally. He ended up working with the actors from Red Dwarf and this then led on to other projects. After moving to London he worked on projects, learning how to make live shows with the arts. Dragons Den & Doctor Who between 1999-2000 and then moved on to work with the BBC New Media Team when the internet was becoming more interesting.

This is when he went from TV Producer to start working in the digital land, looking to create a better way of connecting with the audience. The internet gave a more personal response and they were able to engage with the viewers to find out more about their wants and needs, therefore providing better content.

There are opportunities to get involved with the BBC, you can pitch ideas to them and they can provide funding for that which is a great help to independent producers.


Summary from Mario

“Think about what your passions and interests are, where can you best find areas to work and explore that. Build on your skills. It needs to stimulate you to get you out of bed every morning. Make sure the company is right for you and decide if that’s the path you want to take and develop”




This talk wasn’t relevant for me but it was interesting to hear what is going on within the Children’s BBC. Also there is definitely a pattern emerging from the majority of professionals that I have listened to. Where they are now is not where they set out to be. It’s all a part of a journey, a big learning curve and experimentation to find what works for you. The most important thing being…. do what makes you feel happy!