Business Cards

Since completing my website which lead to the creation of my new logo I was excited to start using it on promotional items. First in my list was business cards, here is one that I was using prior to opening the studio in 2016, these were made by Vistaprint:

When Kamila and I opened the studio in 2016 we had business cards made for the studio which had our own individual contact details on the back. These were made by Helloprint and are what I have been using up until now:


I ordered some samples from Vistaprint and Moo to compare the different types of card and finishes available:


I loved their Luxe range, 600gsm and with a coloured strip around the edge.



They also had a good range of different thickness cards and nice finishes like spot glossing.

The Moo Luxe range was definitely my favourite though, I wanted something really different to what I’d had before and chose the square format. Another option with MOO is that you can have 50 different designs, so you can upload 50 different images to have on the back of each card. This is something that I will look at doing when ordering my next batch. The reason I didn’t this time was because I didn’t have the time to carefully choose all the different images and then make sure that I had consent from all the clients for their images to be on promotional items. So I opted for a really simple, minimal design with just my website and social media name. All of my contact details are on my website so it makes sense to direct people through that, creating more online traffic which is good for seo.


They arrived within a week which was really good, MOO focuses on design and presentation and their packaging doesn’t disappoint:


I also ordered some labels for me to use on my packaging when I deliver products to clients:

Really really pleased with my purchases from MOO, they aren’t the cheapest but you get what you pay for!