Brachio Farm | Visual Effects Project

I knew i wanted to include my kids in this project somehow, i thought it would be fun to do with them. So i chose my location which is the field next to where i lived, i knew i wanted something with dinosaurs in so i went onto youtube and searched for dinosaur green (blue) screen and chose Brachiosaurus ones because i thought the size of it would work well in the field.

Once i had chosen the clips i liked i made a note the details – how far away was the camera from the dinosaur, which direction the light was landing on it etc and i used this info to decide where i was going to film from and what time of day so that when i put the dino clips into my real footage they would match up as best as i could.

I wrote a brief little plan of what the film was:

-Peaceful day on Brachiosaurus Farm, My Daughter was going to be the Expert doing a health check, and then gets rudely disturbed by a wild t-rex on a rampage.

I made a Brachio Health Check sheet and printed that off for my daughter to use with a clip board.

We spent about half an hour shooting, i took the youtube clips of the dino out with me on my phone so i could keep referring to them when i was directing my daughter on where to stand / look etc.

Once we were finished, i spent about 2 days on After Effects putting it all together. I used scale, position, rotation, opacity, puppet tool, rotation, exposure adjustments, chroma key, and lots of other tweaks with the settings to match the colour balance between the real footage and green screen footage. I also found all sound effects – Birds singing, footsteps & roars etc on Youtube.

I was really pleased with the end result, if i had more time i would of tried to find a better green screen clip of the t-rex running towards the camera at the end.