CC, Rotoscoping & Green Screen

Approaching this assignment i think i spent almost 2 hours just aimlessly sifting through film clips not knowing what to throw together and then when i did find clips that i thought would work together i couldn’t cut the figures out neat enough because they were moving too fast or the person blended in with the background too much so when i used the Roto Brush Tool it wasn’t neat enough.

I was determined to use a Will Ferrell film (just because i think he’s great) and when i tried to pair Land Of The Lost and Elf it just didn’t work so i used Clint Eastwood from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly┬áinstead of Elf. This worked quite well because they were both in desert scenes, Clint was however very much in shadow, less saturated and not as orange:


So i used a mixture of curves, exposure & the brightness & contrast to match him to the background.


Using the Roto Brush i was able to cut around Clint, it wasn’t easy and i found that i needed to make the brush tool smaller to get much more accurate areas selected but i couldn’t see a way of doing this. I refined the edges of him in the Roto Brush Matte options by changing the Feather, Contrast & Shift Edge levels and this tidied it up a bit. I also added a blur effect to the background as Clint is walking towards the camera to add some depth of field.

And then for a bit of fun i threw in Woody (Green Screen) getting crushed by a falling ice cream van at the end, using  rectangular mask to move over Woody as the van fell on him.


He also needed colour correction and the levels changing to suit the change of light as the van came from above.


I actually really enjoyed this once i had the material to use, most of my time was spent wandering aimlessly through youtube just looking, i think if someone had given me the footage from the beginning i could of really spent some time and gone to town with it.