Camera Tracking

I filmed this at home in my living room, i did want to film my children outside running and dodging around things but unfortunately thanks to the all the bad weather we’ve had i was unable to get outside. So i had to make do inside and i struggled with the light because our living room is quite dark so that wasn’t ideal.

It took several takes, i handheld the camera to film because it needed to be shaky footage and we set up an island in the middle of the sofas originally because i wanted them to jump onto that and have the lava bubbling around them but trying to convince my 5 year old that he had to jump straight from the sofa onto the island without touching the carpet (lava) proved an impossible feat so instead they just jumped from sofa to sofa. I also had to keep re-shooting because he kept looking at the camera….and no matter how many times i told him not to he did so for that reason and that he kept standing in the lava the clip ended up being only 8 seconds long because i had to cut it in between him doing those things.

I put the footage together in After Effects, using green screen footage of lava and explosions that i used from Youtube  and used the track camera footage, masking, levels and colour correction adjustments.