Nia Roberts | Taking Control Of Your Ideas

Nia Roberts – Taking Control Of Your Ideas – Swansea Innovations

Nia is a Patent Attorney and used to work for the Welsh Government and is now part of the AgorIP Project for AgorIP is about moving ideas into the real world.

She explained to us about how copyright works and how we should make sure that we protect our ideas and make money from them like we deserve to.

My Notes:

Copyright lasts 70 years after the death of the author.

If you take a photograph you own the copyright.

** IP – Intellectual Property **

Understanding IP:


Trade Marks – These protect Your Business Name

Value Of Brands – Don’t choose a name starting with ‘Easy’ EasyJet will go out of their way to cause problems for you. Do your homework and check what trade marks are already being used on the .gov website.

Patents – Maximum duration 20 years. They are very very expensive, can cost thousands and take years to get. You can search for patents on

Registered Designs – This is a very inexpensive way to protect the look/appearance of a product but not the function. (Around £60)

Unregistered Design Right – Anything designed in the UK is covered up to 15 years. You must keep an audit trail of your work from start to finish, so that you can always prove it is your work.

Copyright – As a student, all the work you produce is your copyright. Your work might be simple but it’s still valuable. Sort out ownership in writing with anything you design for someone, avoid controversy.

Trade Secret – Lasts forever.


Nia’s information made me realise how important it is to protect your Business and your work because you can lose a lot of money if you don’t and/or end up in awkward legal battles.