Arts & Business Cymru

Angharad from Arts & Business Cymru helps artists & designers work with businesses – funding etc. The focus on what artists can offer businesses via Networking, Profiling, Marketing.

Simon Macro from FRESHWEST is one of the artists that Angharad has helped and linked to an Eco-Friendly Building company TESNI.

Simon studied Fine Art then moved to design, all he knew was that he wanted to make things / conceptual things that would be useful in the home. He teamed up with Marcus who was making experimental furniture at the time and they shared their knowledge with each other and started taking commissions and building kitchens for people. This took up a lot of their time so they took one day out every week – CREATIVE FRIDAYS to stop their normal work and concentrate on their own designs and build a portfolio.

He insisted on how important it was to have good documentation / Images / Advertising of your work because that’s what gets you noticed.


Also, the importance of PLAY, designing your desires and not really knowing what the outcome will be.

And do charity work, work with the public. This can be rewarding and get your work noticed in areas you wouldn’t think of.

Through Arts & Business Cymru, Simon & Marcus were commissioned to create lighting which suited their eco friendly, contemporary, natural materials & nordic house designs. This was very suited to all their previous work which they had built in their portfolio, their pieces all had a narrative in mind. For example a table they exhibited was made using wood that was washed up on the beach and they created the table from that and shaped it like a surf board which also came with a certificate to explain its story. So they applied this same amount of thought when creating the lighting for TESNI. Instead of just creating a shape for their lampshade they wanted it to be relevant to everything that surrounded it. So they acquired the data graphs of the amount of solar energy that the houses had used over the past 5 years and used that for the basis of the design which created very bespoke pieces…with a narrative.

My Conclusion:

I don’t work in design, but in Photography there is always some aspect of creating something new, whether it is a scene, a prop….. or a story behind a photograph. I enjoyed Simon’s talk, it was good to get a behind the scenes look into how they create / modify their tools enabling them to make very individual pieces. And I really like the way that everything they make has a some form of narrative behind it. I think the service that Arts & Business Cymru offer joining artists with Business’ is really exciting and a great opportunity to get your work out of the studio.