The Business Plan!

If you click on the link below you will be able to view our Mighty Business Plan 🙂


This was such a challenge!! We had to predict and plan everything…and quickly so that we could get it handed in and hopefully win them over. When we had viewed the property i took exact measurements of every room so that i was able to build a 3D model to work out exactly how we would use the layout.

All the hard work to get it right paid off and after a nail biting week (Yes WEEK) they accepted and we went in to sign the documents….we were just a bit excited….just a littLOT!


Could this be our Studio??

Kamila and myself had decided to actively look for a premises that we could use as a studio….the suffocating quarters that we were both trying to work in from our own homes was becoming an inconvenience for the rest of our family…and our growing equipment/props/accessories collection was beginning to spill out of all their hiding places! Going to someone’s home to have your photos taken does have some benefits – living room, kitchen, bathroom facilities but it also means that everywhere has to be immaculate if we are bringing paying strangers to our homes….and this was such a chore to do on top of everything else, because with small children it is impossible to keep the house in that condition permanently.

There was different office spaces that we looked at (mainly Kamila did the hunting, she was on a mission!) but none were just right, either too expensive, too small, too far out of town etc.

And then Kamila found the offices above Bowen Son & Watson Estate Agents were up for rent….. which is literally across the road from Uni on Regent Street!! As soon as i walked through the door i could imagine it all!! Obviously there was A LOT of work to do to get make it suitable but it was perfect!!! And the perfect size for us both to work in.

We were unanimous in our decision (after we begged & borrowed enough money to get us going) and made the soonest appointment we could to get the ball rolling.

But we were told that we would have to provide a Business Plan to see if we were going to be the right business for them…..OMG! This got us panicking because do they have other options…is there other people interested aaaaaaaah!!

So….we made a Business Plan! 😀