The Making Of ‘Overdrive’ Music Video

Planning this music video wasn’t as easy as i thought so i decided to listen to the track constantly for 2 weeks before i even got any ideas down. In the hope that the story would write itself in my head the more i listened to it…..which luckily it did because writing is my biggest downfall it can take days of a blank piece of paper before a single word goes down so this way i imagined the story first and then it was easy to get it down.

Drawing the storyboard with each individual scene was something i considered a pain to do, mainly because of my limited drawing skills but if i learnt anything throughout this is how much of a necessity it was. Its so easy to forget details when you are filming, just having the storyboard there keeps you on track.

My video was going to be split up into 4 separate chunks – The beginning with the main character, His memories of his ex-girlfriend, The confrontation in Chester and then reminiscing up a mountain.

I planned to use my Nikon D750, LED Light if needed, Tripod, GoPro, Flycam Support, Drone

Locations were going to be at my home where i was going to set up 2 bedroom scenes, up Gwaenysgor Mountain because the views from there are amazing (when its not foggy like the day i went) and in Chester city streets at night.

On Day one of filming i spent the day building 2 scenes in my house – One in the porch where i have wonderful bright light which was perfect for the high key memory scene so i built a bed all draped in white with lush throws and cushions and then in my living room i built a bedroom to look like what i had sketched out on my storyboard.

Trying to arrange for my 2 characters to get to me on a Sunday which was the only day they had available wasn’t easy, i had a small time frame to film the natural light section in the porch and they were late because they had been out the night before. So i was starting to get twitchy when they still hadn’t turned up by 4pm.

When they finally arrived i managed to get what we needed before i lost the light and i was really pleased with the memory footage of Jess it was just how i had played it out in my head.

Then i filmed Myles in the ‘bedroom’ and this footage was how i planned it but i wanted to use the Flycam support for my camera to get really smooth footage but i was unable to borrow it for that day so i just had to make to with hand holding my camera.

The following week we went to Chester and filmed around the streets, in a bar and by a carpark. This all went really well but when i watched all the footage back and began to put it in Adobe Premier i realised that we needed to fill out the ending a bot more and would have to return to Chester.

I had to wait another couple of weeks for my characters to be available which was saturday 16th April, 2 days before my video was due in so nothing like a bit of pressure! 🙂 I had to look for a different mountain because up Gwaenysgor where we had planned was quite a popular weekend retreat for couples and cars filled with smoke so i scouted another one – Graig Fawr which wasn’t too far away. It required a bit of a walk to the summit but was well worth it once we were there.


Ignore the blue sky…it was FREEZING!!! And so windy! So we weren’t able to use the drone and it made controlling my camera on the FlyCam almost impossible but i just had to persevere. My eyes were watering that much because of the wind i had no idea if i was managing to keep my focus so there wasn’t as much usable footage that i would of liked. I just managed to have enough to fill the gaps where it was needed.

Once we were finished at the mountain we went back to Chester and filmed some more there ….and then had a Budweiser together to celebrate what seemed like an awful lot of filming for a 2 and a half minute track! 🙂

I built the video in Adobe Premier and then took it into After Effects to add some colour effects and transitions. It is Sunday evening now and i have had to accept that i can’t edit it anymore because i have to submit it even though i could keep tweaking for days.

So i am 75% happy with it, i know i can make it better with more time and if i have learnt anything it is that i don’t want to have to rely on other people to feature in my work because it takes too long ha, and that i need to learn the editing software more, my limited knowledge has definitely slowed down the whole process.