Scream & Shout

Film Assignment – Our Choice (Hybrid)

Working with my group was such a laugh from beginning to end, we quickly came up with our idea for our Action Comedy because we all wanted to do something fun. We decided to combine some of our previous films – The Handover / Desperate / We Need To Talk / The Wishing & Gone Fishing together in a slapstick fashion!

We spent 2 days filming and then i edited our footage in Adobe Premier to see how much more footage we needed, we still needed to film the end and re-do the beginning. Unfortunately Tasha was unable to be with us for the rest of the project and she was a main character so this through our plot into turmoil and i had to go and get some advice off Steve on how we could get around it. He suggested what we could do and we spent another day filming and replaced Tasha with JH wearing similar clothes and it worked really well and added to the hilarity of the film!

It was so much fun throughout, loads of chasing, rolling round the floor, jumping over walls, through doors. I walloped JH in the face which was meant to be a light touch but i ended up breaking his glasses and bruising his eye….which he took so well bless him and thats the bit of footage we had to use in the film because we couldn’t re-shoot it because he had no glasses!