Editing … “The Wishing”

The day after we finished filming we all got together to watch through the footage we had, and came to realise that we had a lot more than we actually needed. There was a lot of parts to the story that needed to be in it for it to make sense so it took hours cutting it down gradually. I then put all the footage together at home, and went for a bit of a teaser in the beginning by having some end footage first with the music box playing and Andy singing over the top. I thought it added some fear right from the beginning and then the pace is very gradual and builds up with more sounds getting louder as the suspense grows.

If we were to do it again i think we would have re-filmed a couple of scenes, there was some footage that was out of focus that we had to use because it was an essential part of the story.

Also an external mic would have improved the balance of the dialog being superior to the sound of the rain.

And perhaps simplify the story a little for it to be easier for the viewer to understand in 4 minutes.

Apart from that i was happy with how it turned out, it was pretty much how we all visualised it in the planning and i think we all worked really well as a group and gave it our all.

Filming ….. ” The Wishing “

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.19.52

The night of filming we all met up in Overton Park….had chips in the rain, made sure we had everything we needed for filming because it was a 10 minute walk to the chapel through the woods so we didn’t want to have to return to our cars to get anything.

At first the rain seemed like it would be a hindrance but it actually added to the atmos of the film.

The first issue we came across was walking whilst filming and not getting the camera wet, one person on a camera and the other holding an umbrella. I was one of the ‘actors’ and carried a gopro because the idea of the film was 4 friends looking for a location to film a movie so i was able to get away with carrying the gopro and the footage we got from it could be used for some POV shots.

The second issue was once we were down in the woods there was no light whatsoever, this meant we had to rely solely on our torches, making sure we had them held to illuminate faces that were in shot or in the direction we were walking. The Nikon Dslr was set to ……. ISO

We tried setting the camera up on a tripod to have some wider shots of us approaching the chapel but because of the lack of light and our torches only lighting up a small portion of our faces,  it just wasn’t clear what was going on so we opted for closer angles apart from a scene near the end where we were able to climb up a bank and film Andy from a higher angle approaching the gravestone where we had all disappeared.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.21.01

The following day we filmed in the TV studio because we needed a dark room, we mainly wanted to record audio but also got some scared facial shots in the process which we thought would also work well in the film.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.17.09

Link to finished film:


Planning Our Horror Film

The Wishing

Group 2 Members

Suzanne Ross-Hughes, Kamila Kosior, Andy Hay, Tasha Dawson, Ainhoa Buetas Paton, Nicola Flynn, John-Henry Munday

We have had a very excited morning being put in a group together, everyone had brilliant ideas and we all bounced off each other and our plot for the film very quickly came together! We all agreed on it having a building tension and suspense. It’s not going to be a slash horror, there will be no obvious blood, guts and killing. What we want to achieve is drawing the viewer in with suspense and tension and flashes of fear. I suggested we filmed at an old derelict chapel near where i live and Andy told us about an old music box that he found, it plays a very haunting version of Wish Upon A Star so we decided to use this as the main prop.  We spent nearly 2 hours getting everything down on paper, fine-tuned the details and then assembled them into a powerpoint ready for tomorrow morning’s pitch –


We are going to film using our own Nikon dslrs and a Go-Pro for some intense parts of the film for close up footage to really catch the breathing & panic.


The Peel Chapel in Overton woods is where we will be filming for the majority of the film, we visited it to see if it was going to be suitable …it definitely had the eerie feel we wanted. You won’t see much of the surroundings when we film though as it will be dark.