The Deal


Concept – Mob Boss & bent copper bust

Narrative –

  • Mob boss sat in the pub on his phone

  • Coppers enter

  • Brief greeting once the Mob boss finishes his phonecall

  • Mob boss beckons over a round of drinks

  • Brief convo between the 3

  • Envelope handed over which is then checked by the bent cop

  • Text from the other cop sending for backup

Locations – The Turf (Pub)

Pace – Slow, increasing in intensity towards the end

Colour/Tone – slightly desaturated, letterbox format

Style & Form ( 2 comparisons ) – The Long Good Friday Vs Serpico

Technology – Nikon D750 and Canon 650D

Roles –

Nicola: Script Director

Actors: Roy, Andy & Owen

Filmers: Mat & Sooz