Documentary Film – Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist – 2007 Documentary Film (Research for our documentary film assignment)

Starts very basic, black screen with a moving white line, just a voice talking.

white line changes with intesity on words that appear to be of importance.

It cuts to a series of images showing war and destruction then evolution, it moves through everything very fast and uses lots of drawings

Then back to the war we create, very desturbing images through history

Jordan Maxwell, talks about religion

George Carlin – makes fun of religion / God….. all down to money

Part 1: Explains the sun & its importance, the zodiac.

Discusses different countries versions of Jesus Son Of God – All created at different times through history with almost the same information all copied from Egyptian era 3000 BC from inscriptions on walls. They are talking about the sun, light vs dark and good vs evil.

It uses lots of factual information throughout the film and is clear the point it is making that there is no truth in the bible, it is plagarised egyptain information which has been warped to control the world for dominance and power.

No special effects were used in this film, it was so simple – voice recordings, historical images/videos and some animation but because of the content and facts it was interesting straight from the beginning which proved to me that in documentaries the most important thing is to grab the viewer with the content straight away rather than imagery.

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