Scream & Shout

Film Assignment – Our Choice (Hybrid)

Working with my group was such a laugh from beginning to end, we quickly came up with our idea for our Action Comedy because we all wanted to do something fun. We decided to combine some of our previous films – The Handover / Desperate / We Need To Talk / The Wishing & Gone Fishing together in a slapstick fashion!

We spent 2 days filming and then i edited our footage in Adobe Premier to see how much more footage we needed, we still needed to film the end and re-do the beginning. Unfortunately Tasha was unable to be with us for the rest of the project and she was a main character so this through our plot into turmoil and i had to go and get some advice off Steve on how we could get around it. He suggested what we could do and we spent another day filming and replaced Tasha with JH wearing similar clothes and it worked really well and added to the hilarity of the film!

It was so much fun throughout, loads of chasing, rolling round the floor, jumping over walls, through doors. I walloped JH in the face which was meant to be a light touch but i ended up breaking his glasses and bruising his eye….which he took so well bless him and thats the bit of footage we had to use in the film because we couldn’t re-shoot it because he had no glasses!



Films Made


I was involved in the filming of and i fully edited The Deal, The Handover, The Wishing and Scream & Shout. I LOVE the post production side the most and really enjoy putting it all together.

Oceans Eye is an animatic i created from the storyboard and scriptment of the 3 minute film i wrote. This was the first time i have ever done one of these and as basic as it is it made me realise how much work is involved in anything animated.

The Minority Report Re-Cut was again something i had never done before and took a lot longer than i anticipated, mainly down to choosing a film to begin with but i thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Making Our Action Movie

The Handover

Tasha attack

This was so much fun to film, from trying to perfect Andy’s wheel spin as he drives off to making the incriminating documents with a mug shot of the villain (myself), climbing over the side of the multi storey building, the attack on Tasha, the chase -using the gopro from Tasha’s view as she chased me worked really well, the chase through doors and down stairs as fast as we could, the comedy scene with Richard in the elevator and getting the end scene look convincing where i get knocked out by a door….it was all so much fun!

There is some scenes that we would re-film if we had more time

  •  When Andy gets out of his car on top of the car park he is smiling which he shouldn’t be because he is supposed to be annoyed.
  •  My climb over the wall could of been more ‘graceful’ (note to myself….must spend more time practising climbing walls ha)
  •  We could of done with another angle of my face when i am approaching Tasha at the car.
  •  A more convincing fall on the stairs
  • A better angle of when i get knocked out by the door
  • Also i missed some letterbox effects on some frames when editing

But overall we were very pleased with what we achieved and definitely learnt by our mistakes



Documentary Film – Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist – 2007 Documentary Film (Research for our documentary film assignment)

Starts very basic, black screen with a moving white line, just a voice talking.

white line changes with intesity on words that appear to be of importance.

It cuts to a series of images showing war and destruction then evolution, it moves through everything very fast and uses lots of drawings

Then back to the war we create, very desturbing images through history

Jordan Maxwell, talks about religion

George Carlin – makes fun of religion / God….. all down to money

Part 1: Explains the sun & its importance, the zodiac.

Discusses different countries versions of Jesus Son Of God – All created at different times through history with almost the same information all copied from Egyptian era 3000 BC from inscriptions on walls. They are talking about the sun, light vs dark and good vs evil.

It uses lots of factual information throughout the film and is clear the point it is making that there is no truth in the bible, it is plagarised egyptain information which has been warped to control the world for dominance and power.

No special effects were used in this film, it was so simple – voice recordings, historical images/videos and some animation but because of the content and facts it was interesting straight from the beginning which proved to me that in documentaries the most important thing is to grab the viewer with the content straight away rather than imagery.

Other films i have watched this month –

The Martian 

Die Hard

My Darling Clementine



The Handover


After being given the brief, our full group had 1 hour before our afternoon lectures where we managed to lay out our basic structure –



Suzanne Ross-Hughes

Tasha Dawson

Andy Noden

Ian Holmes

Richard Burtinshaw


Alex Lopez

4 Hander:

The Hero – Tasha Dawson

The Villain – Suzanne Ross-Hughes

The Dispatcher – Andy Noden

The Helper – Richard Burtinshaw

TITLE: The Handover

CONCEPT: A handover of incriminating information with unplanned intervention


  • Andy makes a phonecall from his car

  • Tasha answers the phonecall from her office desk

  • Andy tells her he’s got what she needs

  • Tasha then makes arrangements for them to meet

  • Sooz is listening to the conversation (i.e from outside the door)

  • Andy drives off once phonecall has ended

  • Tasha & Andy leave

  • Sooz follows discretely

  • Tasha & Rich arrive at Multistorey carpark

  • Andy arrives and hands over the stick

  • Sooz is creeping closer

  • Andy gets in car and drives off, Rich exits via lift

  • Sooz attacks Tasha, there is a scuffle and Sooz gets USB stick

  • Lots of running and chasing down the stairwell

  • Rich exits lift and collides with Sooz who gets knocked out

  • Tasha retrieves the USB and her and Rich run off

PACE: 1st half is slow, 2nd half is fast

COLOUR/TONE: Slightely desaturated

STYLE & FORM: Bourne Identity Vs Vertigo

TECHNOLOGY: Dslrs & Go-pro

-Andy and Ian went and took photos of the locations & got permission for us to use the areas.

-In the evening i extended our story plan –


  • Andy is in his car rings Tasha to tell her he’s managed to get the information she wanted. “Hiya Tasha its Andy, i’ve managed to get the information you wanted but I haven’t got much time, where do you want to meet?”
  • Tasha is in her office with The helper ( Rich ), she answers her phone and arranges to meet with Andy “Hiya Andy! Thats brilliant, meet me on the top floor of the multistorey carpark in 10minutes!”
  • The Villain ( Sooz ) is listening in to their conversation outside the door
  • When the conversation ends, Sooz scarpers
  • Tasha & Rich arrive at the multistorey (Show them getting out of the car and standing by it)
  • Wide shot on top of the multistorey carpark showing Andy arrive, get out of car and walk to Tasha & Rich
  • They greet each other briefly, Andy hands over the USB stick, Tasha “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this, I know how hard it must have been to get it, I owe you one” Andy (looking stressed) “You owe me more than one, I could lose my job for this! Look, just leave me out of this now i’ve gotta go! Andy then gets in his car and drives off.
  • Sooz creeps closer
  • Tasha says thank you to Rich for coming with her and offers him a lift home, he politely refuses and says he needs to go into town and he’ll walk.
  • Rich heads into the lift
  • Tasha fumbles in her bag looking for her car keys
  • Sooz attacks Tasha, throws her against the car, lots of scuffling, “give it to me!! give me the USB” “give you what?? I dont know what you’re talking about” Sooz has Tasha round the neck, Tasha says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, the fighting intensifies, more scuffling until tasha drops the USB
  • Sooz grabs it and runs followed closely by Tasha
  • Chase moves down the stairwell
  • Shot of Rich in the elevator unaware of whats going on
  • More Chasing (Close ups of feet coming down the steps, hands squeaking down the banisters, bouncing off the walls, jumping etc)
  • Elevator door opens and Rich walks out
  • Sooz collides into him and gets knocked out against wall/floor
  • Tasha catches up, grabs USB stick out of Sooz’s hand, grabs Rich’s arm, tells him to go and they run off.

NOTES: A mixture of Go-pro and dslr views for all the chase scenes

and then made the storyboard, made some props, typed up all our notes from the day and sent them to Ian who then made the powerpoint ready for tomorrow morning.

Wednesday 14th

-Ian created a reccy with all the plans for the day.

-Rich wrote the full script


-Full group filming from 10am-3pm on the 14th, 4 people acting and 3 on cameras.


Thursday 15th

Full group finished filming last scene 9-11am, then sorted through all the footage and spent the day editing. We had problems with the Final Cut programme it was taking 15mins to render each clip we put in so i took the footage home and finished the video & music.



The Deal


Concept – Mob Boss & bent copper bust

Narrative –

  • Mob boss sat in the pub on his phone

  • Coppers enter

  • Brief greeting once the Mob boss finishes his phonecall

  • Mob boss beckons over a round of drinks

  • Brief convo between the 3

  • Envelope handed over which is then checked by the bent cop

  • Text from the other cop sending for backup

Locations – The Turf (Pub)

Pace – Slow, increasing in intensity towards the end

Colour/Tone – slightly desaturated, letterbox format

Style & Form ( 2 comparisons ) – The Long Good Friday Vs Serpico

Technology – Nikon D750 and Canon 650D

Roles –

Nicola: Script Director

Actors: Roy, Andy & Owen

Filmers: Mat & Sooz


Editing … “The Wishing”

The day after we finished filming we all got together to watch through the footage we had, and came to realise that we had a lot more than we actually needed. There was a lot of parts to the story that needed to be in it for it to make sense so it took hours cutting it down gradually. I then put all the footage together at home, and went for a bit of a teaser in the beginning by having some end footage first with the music box playing and Andy singing over the top. I thought it added some fear right from the beginning and then the pace is very gradual and builds up with more sounds getting louder as the suspense grows.

If we were to do it again i think we would have re-filmed a couple of scenes, there was some footage that was out of focus that we had to use because it was an essential part of the story.

Also an external mic would have improved the balance of the dialog being superior to the sound of the rain.

And perhaps simplify the story a little for it to be easier for the viewer to understand in 4 minutes.

Apart from that i was happy with how it turned out, it was pretty much how we all visualised it in the planning and i think we all worked really well as a group and gave it our all.

Filming ….. ” The Wishing “

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.19.52

The night of filming we all met up in Overton Park….had chips in the rain, made sure we had everything we needed for filming because it was a 10 minute walk to the chapel through the woods so we didn’t want to have to return to our cars to get anything.

At first the rain seemed like it would be a hindrance but it actually added to the atmos of the film.

The first issue we came across was walking whilst filming and not getting the camera wet, one person on a camera and the other holding an umbrella. I was one of the ‘actors’ and carried a gopro because the idea of the film was 4 friends looking for a location to film a movie so i was able to get away with carrying the gopro and the footage we got from it could be used for some POV shots.

The second issue was once we were down in the woods there was no light whatsoever, this meant we had to rely solely on our torches, making sure we had them held to illuminate faces that were in shot or in the direction we were walking. The Nikon Dslr was set to ……. ISO

We tried setting the camera up on a tripod to have some wider shots of us approaching the chapel but because of the lack of light and our torches only lighting up a small portion of our faces,  it just wasn’t clear what was going on so we opted for closer angles apart from a scene near the end where we were able to climb up a bank and film Andy from a higher angle approaching the gravestone where we had all disappeared.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.21.01

The following day we filmed in the TV studio because we needed a dark room, we mainly wanted to record audio but also got some scared facial shots in the process which we thought would also work well in the film.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.17.09

Link to finished film:

Planning Our Horror Film

The Wishing

Group 2 Members

Suzanne Ross-Hughes, Kamila Kosior, Andy Hay, Tasha Dawson, Ainhoa Buetas Paton, Nicola Flynn, John-Henry Munday

We have had a very excited morning being put in a group together, everyone had brilliant ideas and we all bounced off each other and our plot for the film very quickly came together! We all agreed on it having a building tension and suspense. It’s not going to be a slash horror, there will be no obvious blood, guts and killing. What we want to achieve is drawing the viewer in with suspense and tension and flashes of fear. I suggested we filmed at an old derelict chapel near where i live and Andy told us about an old music box that he found, it plays a very haunting version of Wish Upon A Star so we decided to use this as the main prop.  We spent nearly 2 hours getting everything down on paper, fine-tuned the details and then assembled them into a powerpoint ready for tomorrow morning’s pitch –


We are going to film using our own Nikon dslrs and a Go-Pro for some intense parts of the film for close up footage to really catch the breathing & panic.


The Peel Chapel in Overton woods is where we will be filming for the majority of the film, we visited it to see if it was going to be suitable …it definitely had the eerie feel we wanted. You won’t see much of the surroundings when we film though as it will be dark.