Forest Babies

I met Katherine last year when I was photographing her friends wedding and I had no idea at the time she was already 3 months pregnant with twins.

Here she is looking rather fabulous on the morning of the wedding….


Fast forward a few months we are planning the shoot for her twins which were due in March. The last time I photographed a set of twins it was over a year ago so I was really looking forward to coming up with something special for them.

Requested Theme – Forest / Woodland



I did a little recap on how to photograph twins first, after I did my newborn training course with Kelly Brown which didn’t include twin posing I was able to purchase an add on course which is available on her website:


I have most of her online courses and they are a really good reference point to refer back to the day before a shoot. Especially if I’ve been doing weddings for a few weeks or commercial shoots and there’s been a break since my last newborn.



These images are by Maggie Robinson – Dinky Feet Photography. Like most of the forest images on Pinterest they are both composites, the baby has been added to the digital backdrop.

For this image I didn’t want to do a composite, I wanted to have the scene already set up in the studio like these below from Kelly Brown. Again, I love the simplicity in her set ups, muted earthy tones, natural props that don’t distract from the baby but add interest and draw your eye towards the baby.

When she’s working from her own studio she only uses natural light, she has a wall of windows that she blocks out what she doesn’t need and just has light falling across the baby.  This is my favourite way to photograph babies, unfortunately in my new studio there isn’t enough light from my patio doors so I have to now use a strobe.

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 07.31.44


Nikon D850 & Nikon 35mm 1.4

Elinchrom D-lite RX one

Backdrop, props, accessories, handmade outfits.

When photographing a newborn sometimes it can take an hour or more before you even get chance to take one photograph because they need to feed so when you have two the chances are it can take even longer. So I always prepare the parents beforehand, a normal shoot can take 2-3 hours but a twins session can be 3-4, it’s important they know as much information beforehand so that they come prepared, enough nappies, milk etc if they are bottle fed. Isaac & Logan were breast fed and Katherine was a complete natural and tandem fed them, Isaac finished up pretty quickly but Logan fed for almost 2 hours. I used the time to get some photos of Isaac on his own and then as soon as Logan was ready it took about 20 minutes to get this shot of them both in the beds together.


In post production I was conscious of how I wanted it look, if I was going to display this at my Degree Show it needed to work alongside the others. So during the editing process I would have my other images open next to this one which I found really helped when balancing the tones so that they all worked together as a collection.

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