2019 Presentation

2019 Presentation

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IMAGES: Suzanne Ross-Hughes

During 2018 my overall plan was to concentrate on ways to take my business to the next level.



I looked at how to create images for competitions, I attended Paulina Duczsman Fine Art Photography Workshop and purchased Julia Kelleher’s online course The Creative Newborn Studio.


Both are award winning photographers that have helped me further my knowledge in how to shoot and edit for fine art. Over the next few years I aim to keep building a collection of fine art images, some that can be displayed at my degree show and eventually have enough for exhibitions and galleries.

IMAGE: My workshop pics & Sophie Pics.

The reason for wanting to create images for competitions is essentially to help me become a master of my craft, to become well known and to reach high end clients.


With the end goal of increasing my prices so that I can work less but give my clients more attention and earn more.


To help me find those clients I purchased another online course by Julia Kelleher – Marketing Strategies for Newborn Photographers and attended Maggie Robinson’s In-Person Sales Workshop. I will be looking to apply their strategies to my business throughout 2019 to find my ideal clients and sell wall art.

My 2019 objectives are to:

  • Fine tune my business, cut costs and time.
  • Focus on finding my ideal client
  • Marketing & Selling
  • Use what I have learnt in workshops to create Fine Art Images for competitions, my Degree Show and future exhibitions and galleries.
  • New Studio – This is a late addition to my plans for this year, I hadn’t factored in moving to another studio. This was something that came to fruition over the Christmas period when I took a week off work, after sitting down and really looking at the running costs of my business in relation to my earnings I needed to do something to lessen my outgoings.


To give you an idea of running costs I earnt 17K between 2017-2018 … my net profit was only £607! The studio costs including parking & travel was around 5K plus website fess, insurances, association costs and having to buy another camera as well as other studio props and accessories basically what I spent what I earnt.



So I’ve decided to make the move to a home studio, we have a separate annex at the back of our house. It’s really small in comparison to our studio in Wrexham, it’s only 10ft x 15ft, I made these floor plans using some 3d design software so that I could get a better idea of the space that I’m working with.

IMAGE: Floor plans

So even though its small, I think with careful planning, researching other photographers that run successful studios in small spaces, and finding ways to have dual purpose items I think I can make it work. I want the space to be bright and airy with Nordic touches to give a sense of comfort and relaxation. Scandinavian Interior Design will be my focus because it is all about being calm, pure, simple and functional. It needs to appeal to parents but in particular mothers because they are usually the ones that make the booking.


It will also give me the opportunity to market myself to a new demographic of clients, targeting wealthier areas in Cheshire & Shropshire and basing my prices on similar photographers in these areas. I am restricted to the distance clients will travel for a newborn shoot, around 1 – 1.5 hours seems to be the maximum time but I have heard of clients travelling further to other photographers, so if they love your work then they will make the effort to get to you.

IMAGE: MAP – demographic

Once the new studio is ready I will need to update my website, I will photograph the studio and create a Blog to announce it which I can then share on social media and a mail-out to all of my clients, also an article in the local newspaper as well as other avenues that Julia Kelleher suggested in her workshop. This will be an exciting opportunity to re-brand with a new studio in a nice area, with parking right outside and better access, no stairs and a studio designed specifically for newborns, baby’s 1st year & portraits.

IMAGE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overton-on-Dee

The garden will be beautiful once it’s ready as well, resembling a secret garden with picturesque corners which will be perfect to shoot in, I’ve always wanted to photograph newborns outside surrounded by nature, and working from my home studio I will be able to do this.

I’m pleased to say I’m still the cover photographer for the international award winning KOOKIE Magazine, we have just finished the 6th edition which is currently in production and will soon be winging its way around the globe and I hope to continue working with them as long as I can.

IMAGE: Amelie & Lotte

Working from home will save me so much time,

IMAGE https://peobrokerllc.com/time-saving-technology-for-business-owners/

This will allow me to spend more time on personal projects for competition entries and my Degree Show as well as marketing and social media. Instagram is perfect for photographers because it is all about the images. I currently get all my bookings through referrals, Facebook and my website so I would like to get my Instagram account off the ground and hopefully find new clientele through there also.


As mentioned previously, in the future I would like to consider teaching, I am inspired to follow in the footsteps of who I’ve learnt from over the past 4 years. Something I plan to look into is offering 1 2 1 photography workshops from my home studio, it’s only small but perfect for one or two students and as it benefits from outside space as well I think it has lots of potential to teach photography basics, lighting and editing.

I’m really excited to see what this year brings!



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