Creative Marketing


This weekend i had a table at the Nearly New Sale in Overton Village Hall and I designed a banner and postcards which i had made for the occassion.

It is ran by the local Playcentre, selling lots of baby / children’s clothes and toys etc and attracts a hoard of Mums and Dads so i thought this would be a perfect opportunity to advertise what i do.

I gave out lots of my postcards and also had 3 pregnant Mums request more information on my newborn sessions so i’m really pleased with that and will be following up all my leads this week. There is similar sales in the local villages, one of the organisers told me that there is one in Hanmer so i will be contacting that one next to see if i can attend.

* * *

New product for a growing fashion – BABY SHOWERS


It is a gift box containing all my maternity / newborn session information and a voucher which can be for any amount, friends can all chip in together to purchase an amount and then the gift box is given at the Baby Shower which the Mum To Be can then use for whichever package she wants. I have this advertised on my Facebook, Instagram & Bigcartelshop


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