Newborn Posing Workshop

I travelled to Manchester for Jillian Greenhill’s Newborn Posing Workshop at Newborn Baby Posing Limited, this was a big investment for me but it really focuses on the area that i want to excel in so i needed to do it to help me move forward.

As this is a public blog i can’t go into detail with what we learnt on the course but it was brilliant and covered everything from marketing – client prep before the session – the session – safety – posing – editing – sales.

Jillian enforces how important safety is when you are putting a baby in any pose and you must have a spotter nearby whether it is an assistant or Mum or Dad. And this is something that is my top priority when i photograph anyone’s baby.

This course helped me so much and gave me a much wider insight into how i should run my business. I also received a Newborn Posing Certificate which i can proudly display in my studio.

** I also spent a small fortune on outfits and props from their shop (whoopsies) **

Here is one of the images i took and then after i’ve edited in Lightroom & PS.



And some more unedited images from throughout the day:


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