POP ART was a term that evolved in the 1950’s throughout the UK and America, originally invented by Lawrence Alloway who was a British Curator to describe a new and emerging form of ‘Popular’ Art. The dominating characters of this form of art was – Bold, bright, primary colours, contrasting thick black lines, everyday objects, creating cartoon-like simple imagery. It was very much a rebellion from all preceding art movements and revelled in the contemporary culture of that period creating a very avant-garde style.

Probably one of the most iconic Pop Art Photographers was Andy Warhol.

“Key Ideas

Warhol’s early work in commercial illustration was all about elevating an ordinary product into a more glamorous light for the purpose of selling it as an object of desire to the masses.”
Some of his work involved screen-printed images of Campbells Soup cans and you can’t really get more ordinary than that but by adding strong bold colours to what was originally a white tin, bold white frames, repetition and symmetry it’s lifted the boring to something that has visual prominence….
Pop Art become a great tool in the advertising industry because all of a sudden it was ‘ok’ to display recognisable items in a more visually stimulating way and encouraged more people to buy it.
I like the idea of making something so ordinary stand out…surely life would be boring if we didn’t have people that made the mundane more exciting.

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