We can only get better?

Something that i love to see is when top photographers show work from when they first started out, it gives a sense of hope to all of us who always feel like we’re never where we want to be….. are you ever? Its just one long journey of making mistakes, learning from it, moving on and improving.

I found this image that Kelly Brown had shared on her Facebook page:


It’s just a massive encouragement…no-one is brilliant from the get-go and we have to go through all the wrongs to figure out the rights.

So i put together one for myself:


I like to look at this….it makes me smile 😀 I actually thought that was a good photo in 2014….we can only compare to what we know, i obviously didn’t know enough then and this is why if you always are looking to learn more and discover new things you can only get better!


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