Postmodernism…. probably the most difficult ‘theory’ to talk about because i don’t really understand it, what’s apparent is that artists try to create weird things and because people haven’t seen anything like it before …then it is therefore ‘ART’.

Whilst exploring the world of postmodern photographers i found myself going through the motions of thinking ‘why?????’ and ‘what the hell?!!’ And because i’m not an art critic i find it difficult to search for deep meaning within this genre of art. It seems to take an unskilled approach, is abstract, brazen, raw, badly composed and just ‘weird for the sake of being weird’ (Quote by Moe – Simpsons)

Postmodernism followed modernism around the 1960’s and was apparently the product of the changes in culture and people’s ideas and beliefs in the Western society. Where modernism was classed as objective because it was based on innovative and logical thinking, aimed at the perfect Utopian lifestyle; Postmodernism was classed as subjective and pretty much turned Modernism on its head. It was rebellion of Modernism, artists recycled ideas, techniques and images to create the extraordinary or the overly mundane. “Trying to get to grips with Post Modernism can make you feel a bit like a rock climber in flip-flops, desperate to get some traction”

The photograph above is by Tyler Udall


Stated on this website – Photographer Tyler Udall is redefining male intimacy. This  black & white photograph from his book – Auguries Of Innocence is about the male struggle to break away from patriarchal masculinity. It shows a spine protruding naked man sitting on a folded sheet on the edge of a bed bent over surrounded by a mixture of gender related items – high heels, hammer and mannequin head etc. There is nothing special about the photograph, there is a basic composure to it but what stands out is that it makes you wonder and try to understand it.

So my conclusion on Postmodernism Artists is that they want to boycott the perfect utopian lifestyle depicted in modernism and  express the rawness of real life no matter how raw or weird it is and to use traditional methods in an untraditional way.


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