Photograph taken at Piha Beach by Eva Polak, Contemporary Impressionist photographer.

This photograph comes from Eva’s Beach collection, she expresses her feelings through her images by using impressionist techniques, a theme that evolved in the 19th century. It was very different to anything before, in the early stages it was often disregarded for more realistic interpretations.

In this beach scene the image is purposely out of focus but you can understand what it is, perhaps taken in the early morning/evening, the dark clouds and shadows that’s sweep across the horizon contrast the golden sun which lights up the sky and reflects onto the water.

There is a strong sense of solitude with the moody atmosphere dominating the majority of the image and the motion blur makes it look like it is raining. Its full of mystery with no detail in the person as they walks out of view in their own shadow. They could have been walking their dog which is out of view but her ‘impression’ of this scene portrays a lonely figure with heavy emotion attached.

Eva manipulates light, colour & motion which enables her to convey how she sees things through her artistic vision. By using slow shutter speeds, movement and post processing she produces images that have more of a painterly effect, relying heavily on the colour as well as light and shadows it creates something that appears almost dream-like and on the edge of reality.



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