A little bit of Elbow Grease never hurt no-one! Part 2

We did our best to bargain hunt as much stuff as we could, we had our desk donated to us and i found a guy trying to get rid of a sofa for free so i went to pick that up and ended up with an Ikea table thats worth hundreds, and 2 desk chairs all for £20….wahooooo 😀

After the office had been painted and carpet cleaned we began moving all our stuff in and it was beginning to take shape…


The outside windows were also falling to pieces so we got in touch with the council because it is a Listed Building we were granted permission to repair them as best we could without affecting the original window. Wood filler was used in all the big gaps and then sealed and painted to protect against the elements.

And then the fun bit started….. we went to Ikea and antique shops to get all the rest of the things that we needed:


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