P L A N – B

The dream is a beautiful studio with floor to ceiling windows, a snug corner with plush seats, dark wood furniture scattered purposely around, lush green plants on the floor and units, a coffee table adorned with albums and table books & refreshments, a projector for client viewing, Sonos music system allowing clients to choose whatever music they want throughout their session, award winning images printed to the highest standard on walls, a full studio lighting set up with multiple choice backdrops at one end of the studio and a newborn area where the window light is and most of all…… my name above the door!

BUT ….. just in case my dreams don’t come true i should have a plan B right?

So if all else fails it will be time to get a job! I am thinking a Retoucher, i love editing photos so this would be a great route for me. After some searching i have found lots of jobs available for this, a little but further than i’d like to travel but it is an option.

For a Senior Retoucher the wages seem to start at around £30,000 to £45,000 p/a . . . which i could live with! 🙂

But i don’t think i could just walk into that job even with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Film & Photography. Below is one of the job specs that i found:

One of the most creative and inspiring design agencies in the UK is looking for a senior retoucher to join their CGI team. You will be a creative visionary, brimming with imagination, who is looking to craft beautifully composed emotionally engaging images that capture the essence of a place or brand. You will be a master of light, composition and colour and will use technology like an alchemist, transforming each subject into magical, visual gold.
You will have established industry experience as a retoucher and a portfolio brimming with examples of beautiful work combining the emotional thinking with outstanding craft. As a lead retoucher, you will be responsible for leading the look of key projects, starting with the top level idea and taking ownership all the way through to delivery on all 2D image solutions.
If you are a senior retoucher who is looking for an opportunity to really spread your creative wings and push your skills to the absolute maximum to create a body of work that you’ll be extremely proud of, then this is the ideal job for you.

This was at the higher end of the pay scale but what was common in them all was to have a high level of editing software skills and a spanking portfolio! So hopefully by the end of my degree i will leave with these …hopefully 🙂

Here is a good article from a Professional Retoucher giving career advice –



One thought on “P L A N – B

  1. Believe in you and anything is possible. On the evidence of what I have seen so far, I don’t think it’s too much of a leap for you to make. In the words of Yoda: “Talented, you be.”


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